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Mark Dever sera au Québec !!!

Mark Dever will be in Quebec !!!

Publications Chrétiennes wishes to help the Christians of Quebec to deepen their understanding of the nature and character of the Church. This is why, in partnership with SOLA and 9Marks, we are organizing two conferences in Quebec to teach Christians to reflect on the Church, more specifically on how to make the Gospel visible. Our guest will be Mark Dever , Senior Pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington, D.C. He is also the Director and Founder of the 9Marks Ministry. In partnership with 9Marks, we have edited several books and published several articles on our blog, Revenir à l'Evangile .


Mark Dever is the senior pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC From his early days as a worker in the ministry, Dr. Dever served on the pastoral team of four churches, including one he planted in Massachusetts. Prior to moving to Washington in 1994, Dr Dever taught in the Faculty of Divinity at Cambridge University while being Associate Pastor of Eden Baptist Church.

With the goal of building Bible-faithful churches in America, Mark Dever serves as General Manager of 9Marks in Washington , DC 9Marks encourages pastors of local churches to organize and lead their churches according to the teachings of the Bible. Dever also teaches regularly at various conferences that can take place in South Africa, Brazil, the UK and Alabama. In t in recent years, several men from Quebec and France have traveled to Washington to study ecclesiology and have learned a great deal from his biblical perspective on the Church.


Two events

June 26 - Emmanuel Church - Montreal

Christians face many practical questions when it comes to life in the local Church: how should the Gospel be lived in our community life? How to put into practice the community dynamic presented in the New Testament?

Mark Dever will discuss the nature of the Church, its Bible purpose, definition, role and work. The scriptures teach us about the Christian life and doctrine, including how to come together as a Church and how community life is to be organized.

God has revealed himself in his Word. He speaks to us and he prepares us to represent him today! A congregation of regenerated members, fulfilling the responsibilities that Christ Himself has given us in His Word, meeting regularly together, led by a body of consecrated elders, this is the image of the Church that God has given us in His Word.

Price: $ 20

Topics covered

  • Training and development of leaders in the Church
  • How the Church makes the gospel visible
  • Question and answer time

Register before May 3 and get two free Mark Dever eBooks when you register!


June 27 - Evangelical Baptist Church of Shawinigan-Sud

God has established in his Word not only a way of building the Church, but also a job description for those he wants to mobilize for this work.On June 27, a one-day workshop will help equip Church leaders in Quebec with the tools they need to build healthy congregations

Mark Dever, Guillaume Bourin, Pascal Denault and Michaël Caron will lead us in reflections on the pastoral call, preaching, evangelization and the formation of leaders. Time will also be set aside for questions from participants, which will allow reflection on biblical ways of building churches that reflect the Gospel.

Dinner is included in the price of the ticket.

Price: $ 40

S processed objects

  • Textual preaching
  • How to create a culture of evangelism
  • The call to pastoral ministry
  • How to take care of the flock of God
  • Establish old
  • How to finish the race well (pastoral fidelity)
  • Question and answer time

Register before May 3 and get two free Mark Dever eBooks when you register!


Which eBooks will I receive when I register?

1. The Church: A Health Check - Mark Dever

What is an ideal Church, and how do you recognize it?

How is it different from others? More importantly, how does its operation stand out, especially in society? Many of us don't know how to answer these questions, even if we admit to having some idea. This book will guide your thinking on the subject.

The author seeks to help believers recognize the essential features of a healthy church: preaching by exposure of the text, biblical theology, and a correct understanding of the gospel. He then encourages us to develop these characteristics in our own churches. Following the example of the New Testament writers and speaking to the entire Church - the pastor and all its members, Mark Dever challenges all believers to do their part in keeping the local Church healthy. The Church: A Health Check offers eternal truths and practical principles to help each of us fulfill the role God has assigned to us in the body of Christ.

2. A manifestation of the glory of God - Mark Dever

This short, clear, and useful book deals with the structure of the Church by touching on topics such as elders, deacons, congregationalism, and local church membership. The author presents a biblical model that aims to bless the Church and create a peaceful atmosphere that will withstand the pressure of community life.

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