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<transcy>Guillaume Farel</transcy>

Jason Zuidema
by Impact
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The life and progress of Guillaume Farel made him an important player in the Reformation. Little known and eclipsed by the shadow of John Calvin, he nevertheless played, through his exhortations and his friendship, an important role in the latter's ministry and theological reflection. Farel was also one of the first French speakers to spread Luther’s criticism of the Catholic Church. He showed a real passion for the propagation of the Gospel in the Francophonie, especially in French-speaking Switzerland.

Jason Zuidema offers a compelling account of the life of Guillaume Farel and challenges the widely held notion that Farel passed the torch to Calvin when they met in Geneva in 1536. Being twenty years older than Calvin, Farel retained considerable influence in the development of the Reformation.

Table of contents

I Living the Reformation (1489-1521)
2 Learning to Reform the Church (1522-1526)
3 Preaching the Reformation (1526-1533 )
4 Consolidate the reform (1533-1541)
5 Continue the reform (1541-1550)
6 The reform abroad and at home (1550-1560)
7 The reform until the end (1560-1565)
8 The thought and legacy of the reformer
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Publisher : Impact
Author : Jason Zuidema
ISBN : 978-2-89082-247-4
Number of pages : 135 p.
Format : 5.5 '' X 8.5 ''
Weight : 192 g
Release : March 2015
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