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Our team

Serge Côté - General Manager

Serge was production manager for one of Quebec's major printing companies specializing in high-end color work. He is an avid reader, and is valued as a Bible teacher in the churches where he ministers. He sits at the table of elders in Saint-Jean Chrysostôme near Quebec.

Douglas Virgint - Assistant to the General Manager

Doug holds a doctorate in theology and is also a retired certified general accountant. He has worked at Publications Chrétiennes since 1968, although he was away for ten years to work as IT and cost accounting manager for a major book manufacturer. He has traveled extensively throughout the world as a Bible teacher, especially in France, Switzerland, Africa and Haiti. He also led the Francophone ministry of Radio Bible Class for over 30 years and sits on the board of several evangelical ministries, including the Canadian Council of Grace to You. Doug recently retired as General Manager and he helps Serge by coordinating some special projects.

Daniel Henderson - Strategic Director

Daniel is a missionary in Quebec from Toronto, Ontario. He has lived in Quebec since 2009. He did his theological studies with SEMBEQ in Montreal. He is a council member of the Biblical Counseling Coalition and a founding board member of the Biblical Counseling Foundation. He is the founder of the blog Return to the Gospel. He travels extensively as a consultant for publishers in several countries, including Brazil, Iceland, Kenya, and Colombia. He is passionate about Puritan and Reformed theology.

David Cadotte - Editor

David holds a master's degree in French literature and oversees all translation and editing activities. He serves as a deacon and takes care, with his wife, of several ministries in his local church.

Lucie Lemire - Accountant

Lucie is an accountant and has extensive experience in managing non-profit businesses. She works with Publications Chrétiennes 2 to 3 days a week. She is responsible for all financial decisions, analyzes and reports. She also serves with her husband in many ways in his local church.

Elizabeth Cope - Receptionist - Customer Service - Shipping

Elizabeth has held many positions in the printing industry over the years. She answers the phone, receives all customer orders and takes care of preparing and shipping orders.

Francis Cope - Maintenance and Handling Worker

Frank is a healthy young man, 72 years old. He worked for over 40 years in the printing industry. He's also an accomplished musician – a great saxophonist who even played with the Platters at the time when he was living in New Zealand. Frank takes care of the maintenance and handling of book orders. He also helps us with the production of short in-house runs.

Marie Bourque - Administrative Assistant

Marie holds a bachelor's degree in accounting and another in translation. She oversees inventory, relations with our printers and all related administrative tasks that help the regular operations of Publications Chrétiennes.