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Fiji and Sam, students (Fidji et Sam, étudiants) 

by CLÉ
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Being a student and a Christian: opportunities and challenges


“These few pages, illustrated by numerous testimonials, contain a wealth of ideas and tips. Many themes are discussed, from the foundations of the Christian life, to the social and sentimental life of the student. "
- Pierre Klipfel , director of the Biblical Institute of Geneva (IBG)

" The years of university studies open up many horizons, offer possibilities for unexpected experiences and encounters, but involve many pitfalls and challenges. This book will help Christians navigate this context. "
- David Brown , president of the University Bible Groups (GBU)

" This book is a gold mine for the student who wants to progress in his life with God during his studies. It's like a Swiss army knife that you have to have in your pocket but that you have to use! "
- Patrick Nussbaumer , president of Jeunesse Pour Christ (JPC)

" A pleasant and refreshing little book, written by students for Christian students. I recommend reading this book to all students, it just might change the course of their whole life! "
- Francis Didier , director of Agapé France

" This book is not really a book… but rather one of those discussion evenings that you love. A good starting point to continue debating with your Christian friends! »
- Pascal Herrmann , president of the Foyer Évangélique Universitaire (FEU)


Publisher : editions Clé
Publication : October 2013
ISBN : 978-2-35843-033-3 < br> Dimensions : 14 x 21 cm
Pages : 144
Weight : 188 g

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