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Habits of Grace (La grâce au quotidien)

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Listen to his voice. Talk to him. Belong to his body.

Three principles that are so simple and yet shape our entire Christian life: listen to the voice of God, speak to him through prayer and live the Church with his people.

We often perceive them as an ordinary routine. But these principles allow us to live His grace on a daily basis. They are the means by which we nourish ourselves with the love of God and his power. And above all, they allow us to experience the greatest gift of all time: to know Jesus and to live a deep intimacy with him.
David Mathis is pastor and editor of the Desiring God website.

"This little book by David Mathis is a gold mine for several reasons. First, it makes you want to experience the “means of grace” (sometimes called “spiritual disciplines”) on a regular basis, emphasizing whatever God wants to bestow on us through them. Then, he conveniently organizes these means of grace into three broad categories (Word, prayer, fellowship), which makes the approach simple and accessible. Finally, the book is eminently practical: the useful advice, given with wisdom and kindness (without ever making the readers unduly guilty), has proven its worth. In short, we are dealing here with a true Christocentric guide to the Christian life, to read slowly and to put into practice one step at a time. All Christians will benefit from this, both those who are starting out in the Christian life and those with more experience who wish to take stock of their life as a whole. To be distributed widely! »
–Dominique Angers, professor at the Faculty of Evangelical Theology (Acadia University, Montreal) and blogger on the website

“While this little book says the same as many others about Bible reading, prayer, and Christian fellowship (and a few other important topics), its great strength is that it nourishes my determination to read the Bible, and it makes me thirsty to pray. If what is called "the means of grace" is presented only in the form of duties, then the key point of sanctification is compulsion. But here the means of grace are clearly seen as gracious gifts and signs that God is working in us. It increases our joy as we embrace Christian freedom in the light of our glorious King Jesus. "
–D. A. Carson, New Testament professor and researcher at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; co-founder of The Gospel Coalition

"Here is finally THE book on the means of grace that I was looking for!" There are many books on one or the other of the spiritual disciplines. But Everyday Grace introduces us to the three main means of grace at once! It is therefore the perfect book to give to every Christian to understand the gifts of the Bible, prayer and the people of God. I can't wait for our whole Church to read this book! »
–Stéphane Kapitaniuk, pastor at and blogger on

“Simple. Practice. Effective. In this book, Mathis speaks brilliantly about three central spiritual disciplines that will help us put our lives in order and strengthen our faith. In a world where everything seems more and more complicated, The Grace of Daily Life helps us ease off to refocus on what is essential.
–Louie Giglio, pastor of Passion City Church in Atlanta; founder of Passion Conferences

"More simplicity, stability, confidence, spiritual power, and joy in God." Who wouldn't want ... more? To move forward, we need divine grace. To move forward, we must learn a healthy discipline of life, transformative habits. We must combine the exuberant grace of Jesus Christ with real personal, ordinary and daily discipline. This book, so affordable and enjoyable to read, will help us all. For the Word, prayer, and sharing (that is, spiritual family life, the local Church) are the means of simultaneously ordinary and extraordinary grace. David Mathis has done us a great service with this book! Take, read, enjoy, live the grace received by discipline and discipline nourished by grace. »
–Edouard Nelson, pastor, Paris 17th

"Far from wanting to satisfy our urge to 'tick boxes' to feel better, the author gives us a solid vision of Christian discipline, filled with gratitude and enthusiasm for our God. While giving us a good theology of spiritual disciplines, David Mathis gives us practical ways to deepen our relationship with God today. I highly recommend this book to young and old alike in the faith. »
–Nathan Lyotard, youth group manager and entrepreneur

"These are exactly the kind of books I turn to regularly to help me examine and rebalance my heart, my priorities, and my walk with the Lord. David Mathis offers us here a basis to go towards the ever-increasing delights which are found in Christ through the habits resulting from grace. Habits that open a path for the ever more powerful flow of divine grace in, and through, our lives. »
–Nancy Leigh DeMoss, author, blogger and radio host

“Most people would say that training and discipline are necessary to achieve any goal: professional, school, athletic. But it would seem that Christians do not think of applying this principle to their spiritual life. In his excellent book, Everyday Grace, David Mathis convincingly demonstrates the importance of spiritual disciplines. And it does so in such an engaging way that it will motivate each of us to practice these various Christian disciplines. This book is important for young believers who are at the beginning of their journey, but it also serves as a reminder for those of us who have been on the journey for some time. »
–Jerry Bridges, author of Towards a holy life

“I think all Christians would like to derive maximum joy from their lives to the glory of the Lord. Why such a gulf between our ambition and our experience? Because of our impiety. This has the distinction of being the breeding ground for many other sins. In addition, she takes advantage of our time when distractions and temptations are legion ... And we remain far from God. David Mathis got it. He therefore offers us a remarkably correct and stimulating book to accompany us in our daily attachment to God through meditation on the Scriptures, prayer and fraternal communion. Anchored in biblical thought, this book goes beyond explaining what God expects of us: it teaches us to exercise those habits which place us in the presence of God and transform us. On a personal note, this reading renewed my determination to use the means of grace every day to experience more and more the blessings of Jesus' death and resurrection. Without a doubt, a book in which I will return when I am in difficulty in my piety. »
–Raphaël Charrier, pastor and blogger on

“There is not a single Christian in the world who can claim to have mastered the spiritual disciplines. Moreover, the more we grow in grace, the more we realize how little we know about listening to God, speaking to him and meditating on his graces. Our maturity only reveals our ineptitude. Grace in everyday life is a powerful guide when it comes to spiritual disciplines. It provides basic instruction to new believers, while providing renewed encouragement to those who have walked with the Lord for years. It is a joy for me to recommend this book to you. »
–Tim Challies, author of Do more. Better ; blogger on

"When I was a child, spiritual disciplines were often surrounded by an aura of legalism. But nowadays, the trend has completely reversed and these notions seem to disappear completely. The very term "habit" can be off-putting in a culture of fun and autonomy. However, our character is globally the sum of our habits. Jesus promises to bless us through his means of grace: his Word, preached and written, baptism and the Lord's Supper. Like the first cry of a newborn baby, prayer is the basis of this life as a response to the grace given, and we hold on to it forever. In addition to prayer, there are other habits that flow from and are shaped by grace. I am grateful that La Grâce au everyday is putting the disciplines back on the agenda and, I hope, at the heart of our practices as well.
–Michael Horton, professor of systematic theology and apologetics at Westminster Seminary California; author of Calvin on the Christian Life

Table of contents

Foreword by John Piper
Introduction: An explosion of grace


1. May your life be shaped by the Word of life
2. Read in breadth, study in depth
3. Warm up in the fire of meditation
4. Let the Bible Call Your Heart
5. Memorize God's Thoughts
6. Be determined to learn all your life


7. Look forward to having God's attention
8. Pray in Secret
9. Pray regularly and in the company of other believers
10. Strengthen Your Attachment to God Through Fasting
11. Keeping a Journal: A Path to Joy
12. Get out of the surrounding uproar


13. Learn how to grow within your community
14. Fan the Flame with Collective Worship
15. Discerning Grace in Preaching
16. Plunge back into the purifying waters
17. Growing in Grace at the Lord's Table
18. Let yourself be taken back: a blessing

Part Four - AND TO FINISH…

19. Mission order
20. Money
21. Time

EPILOGUE - Communicating with Jesus during your "foolish days"
Index of biblical references

Original title : Habits of Grace: Enjoying Jesus through the Spiritual Disciplines
Publisher: Cruciforme
Author : David Mathis
Publication : March 2019
ISBN : 978-2-924595-56-5
Pages : 251
Dimensions : 14 x 21 cm
Weight : 290 g
Format : paperback
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