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The king's melody (La mélodie du roi)

by CLÉ
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Author: Max LUCADO
Illustrated by: Toni Goffe
Publisher: 12/06/2002 
 36 pages, 32 illustrations - color
Format: 21x29.7x0.5 cm Paperback.
ISBN (Barcode): 2-906090-59-X

Who of the three brave knights will pass the king's trial to marry his daughter?

The three of the kingdom's best knights set out to cross the dangerous Ciguë forest. Their only guide is the melody of the king's flute. Who among them will win the princess, the strongest, the fastest or the wisest?

This story of three knights undergoing a perilous trial illustrates how wisdom can prove to be a very precious asset when it comes to life's most important choices.

To extend family reading time pleasantly, this book includes a reading guide . The questions help children make the connection between the tale and their own lives.