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Pornography: Slaying the Dragon (pack of 5) (La pornographie - Comment terrasser le dragon ? (Pack de 5))

by Impact
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Sexual fantasies can occupy a large part of our thoughts. Sexually explicit images abound in movies, magazines, on television, and on the Internet, often tempting and discouraging us from the hold that sexual sin can have on us. In fact, many Christians live by continually struggling with this sin in their lives.

Is it really possible to defeat the dragon of pornography and sexual fantasies once he takes control of our lives? In this interview, conducted by David Powlison, we will meet a man - we'll call him Bob - who was delivered by Christ while he was in this situation.


DAVID POWLISON (M. Div., Ph. D.) holds an MA in Divinity from Westminster Theological Seminary as well as an MA and PhD from the University of Pennsylvania. He has been a Bible counselor for over 30 years and has written several books on the relationship between faith and psychology.


Original title : Pornography: Slaying the Dragon
Author : David Powlison
Publisher : Impact
ISBN : 978-2-89082-33-58
Pages : 27
Publication : May 2019
Format : paperback
Dimensions : 5 "x 7"

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