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The true cross (La vraie croix)

César Malan
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A meeting between two men at the foot of a cross, one of whom believes to obtain his salvation through his works, is the occasion for a clear exposition of the virtues of grace.

Table of contents

The real cross

1 Meeting with a cross
2 The traveler's religion
3 The old man's belief
4 Error on the meaning of the word "grace" 

5 We want to deserve for interest, not for love
6 It is to be humble to believe in grace
7 Testimony of a true hope
8 The true meaning of God's promise in Jesus
9 The old man finally understands what a Savior is
10 No one believes in the Savior without renouncing himself
11 How difficult it is for man to rely on the Word of God

12 The old man recognizes his unbelief
13 The true cross cannot be touched with the hand
14 Only the Word of God causes the true cross of the Savior to be recognized
15 The two men embrace each other before the real cross

Letter to a friend

The consolation of the promise of God
The immense love of Savior
The cause of the doubts of the Christian
The sacrifice of Christ must be perfect
The work of the Spirit among the elect
Truth is truth
Where it is a question of fertility
Faith is fixed on the grace of God
The blood of Christ cleanses us from all sin

Anecdote in Ireland


Author : César Malan
Publisher : Europresse
Pages : 112
Weight : 155 g
Release : 1993
Dimensions : 13.5 x 21.5 cm
ISBN : 9782906287440
Format : paperback