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Best of all! (Meilleur de tous !)

by CLÉ
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The arrival of a famous Vémiche turns Vémicheville upside down and Punchinello is sidelined. But Eli the sculptor helps him to understand that one does not have to be made of "good wood" to be precious in the eyes of those one loves. "YOU ARE AS YOU ARE BECAUSE I CREATED YOU THUS," he told her. We sometimes believe that you have to be famous or "beautiful" to be precious. But God is not of that opinion. It is He who created us as we are, and He did it on purpose! Ella Meyeur de Touss is famous because she is famous. “As far as the Vémiches are concerned, she is the best! They say. Everyone would like to be part of their Exceptional Vémiches club, but the problem is that to be accepted, you have to be made of birch, a top-quality tree from a top-quality forest. Punchinello cannot therefore be part of it, because it is a willow tree. “The willow is a weak wood,” says Ella, “no one wants to be a willow. But Punchinello is the only willow tree in Vémicheville. So everyone despises him, even his friend Lucia. Thanks to Eli, Punchinello will understand that despite this, he counts just as much because it is his Creator who made it, and that it is even he who chose his wood. Let yourself be carried away by this new tale from Vémicheville where Punchinello will surprise by showing that he has his place among the Vémiches!

Nice idea: give this book to your doctor to put it in his waiting room! Highlights of the book

  • Touching story.
  • Max Lucado is one of the most famous Christian storytellers.
  • Superb drawings in a pencil style.
  • Christian philosophical tale.
  • Children from 5 to 10 years old
  • But grown-ups love it too!

Publisher :Éditions Clé
Illustrated by: Sergio Martinez < br> Publication: September 2012
Page : 31, color
Dimensions: 24 x 26 cm.
Format : hard cover with gilding and color jacket