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Embracing obscurity( Radicalement ordinaire)

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Live and die without humanity noticing you? What a profound injustice!

Let's be honest, we are dying to be someone. The proof: we spend all our energy to be successful, to be admired and to leave our mark somewhere in this world - anywhere! The worst part is that we try to cover this up with so-called spiritual ambitions. Unfortunately, most Christians have fallen into the trap. And many of us don't realize it.

This book is a call to follow in the footsteps of our humble King, to abandon the human vision of success and start living in a radically ordinary way. I couldn't broach this subject and, at the same time, show off myself. So I chose to remain anonymous. Are you ready for this challenge too?

Table of contents

Introduction. Why Choose Darkness?
1. One in a billion
2. Choosing What Defines Us
3. Choosing the Humble King
4. Choose the true value
5. Choosing True Success
6. Choose to serve
7. Choosing suffering
8. Choose the mystery
9. Choosing the projectors
10. Choose hope


Original title : Embracing obscurity: Becoming nothing in light of God's everything
Author : Anonymous
Publisher : BLF
ISBN : 978-2-36249-383-6
Publication : May 2017
Pages : 170
Dimensions : 13 x 21 cm
Weight : 194
Format : paperback

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