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4 volumes of the Gospel Coalition (4 volumes de la Gospel Coalition)

by Impact
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THE GOSPEL COALITION is a group of pastors and Christian leaders who developed an evangelical confession of faith and published 14 brochures which explain the various articles of this confession.

Members of the Gospel Coalition are determined to anchor their faith in the gospel of Christ and are ready to rethink their practices and ministries to be fully in line with the scriptures. At a time when certain movements condone the politicization of the faith and the idolatry of individual consumerism, and when theological and moral relativism is tolerated, the Gospel Coalition seeks to transmit to the churches new hope and contagious joy, based exclusively on promises received by grace alone, by means of faith alone, in Christ alone.

Each of the 14 brochures of the Gospel Coalition develops an article of its confession of faith. This volume incorporates the introductory pamphlet, which defines what a gospel-centered ministry is; one of the founding documents, entitled “A Theological Vision of Ministry”; and the brochure describing God's great plan for mankind. The authors of the two brochures included in this volume are D.A. Carson, Timothy Keller and Colin Smith.

Why read books?

  • To reflect on the place of the Gospel within your ministry.
  • To understand a confession of evangelical faith.
  • To extend the reflection started during the IBG seminar “A ministry centered on the Gospel”.

Highlights of the books

  • Renowned theologians: Keller / Carson.
  • Subject related to current events (Geneva May 2012).
  • Evangelical reference documents.

Public :

  • Pastors, elders, Church leaders.
  • Responsible for Christian works.
  • Theology students, Bible school / college.
  • Any believer concerned with putting the Gospel at the center of his ministry ...
Volume 1 : The Gospel, our foundation
Volume 2 : The Gospel and the Scriptures
Volume 3 : The Gospel and History
Volume 4: The Gospel and the people of God