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God's way of peace (Un seul Dieu, une seule paix)

Horatius Bonar
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Peace is what man longs for and what he finds most difficult to achieve. The author shows how it is impossible to find a true peace that puts the deep being to rest unless you go back to the ultimate source of peace. For this it is necessary to recognize the causes of the lack of peace, but once received, this peace flows into all areas of being and of life.

Table of contents

1 The testimony of God on man
2 There is no peace in man
3 Our refuge: the character of God
4 A just grace
5 The blood of sprinkling
6 The person and work of the Substitute
7 The Gospel, the Word of Truth
8 Faith: a link to salvation
9 Believe, now
10 “But, I can't believe!”
11 “But, I don't feel anything!”
12 Jesus, alone


Original title : God's way of peace
Author : Horatius Bonar
Publisher : Europresse
Pages : 140
Weight : 185 g
Publication : 1995
Dimensions : 13, 5 x 21.5 cm
ISBN : 9782906287655
Format : paperback