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a Girl, a Boy, a God ( Une fille, un gars, un Dieu)

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● Does love have to be so complicated?
● Is Prince Charming a myth or a reality?
● How do you approach a girl?
● How do you respond to a guy?
● How to know what God's will is?
● How to handle the different aspects of the relationship (spiritual, physical, psychological)?
Une fille, un gars, un Dieu is a book thought up and written by a young Quebec pastor who wants to concretely help young adults and Christian teenagers in the French-speaking world to live for God and to build solid families.
Jean-Sébastien Morin is the winner of the 2016 Prix des mots for his book "Mariés et heureux?" He has worked with teens and young adults for over 15 years as a youth pastor, camp director and speaker. He is currently the Quebec Director for One Hope Canada, a mission that has a burden for the discipleship of French speaking youth. Jean-Sébastien teaches in several Quebec evangelical seminaries. He has been married to Katie for over fifteen years and is the father of four young children.
Table of Contents
Acknowledgements of the second edition
1. Dating: what's for dinner in winter?
2. Must love be a labyrinth?
3. The secret of a successful life: strength is in Christ
4. The heart of a relationship: intimacy, closeness and commitment (ICE)
5. Is celibacy a disease?
6. Prince Charming: myth or reality?
7. Dating: heart or mind?
8. How to approach a woman
9. How to answer a man
10. Seven Habits for Healthy Dating
11. Did someone say "sex"?
12. "Touching... not touching..."
13. Spiritual intimacy: an essential ingredient
14. Marriage and God's Will
15. Questions and Answers
16. "She said yes! What do I do now?"
17. Back to the future!
Author: Jean-Sébastien Morin
Publisher: Écrivains Chrétiens du Québec & One Hope Canada
Publication date: 2020
ISBN: 9782981727145
Pages : 186
Dimensions : 5,5" x 8,5"
Format : Paperback
Weight : 228 g

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