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L'autobiographie de Jackie Hill Perry

The autobiography of Jackie Hill Perry

I wrote this book for love, a word so often overused. This writing work is not a misunderstanding of my intentions, it is a direct consequence of it.

Before I wrote it, I lived with words. Was I a lesbian? Yes. And now ? I am what the goodness of God can do to a soul once grace has touched it.

By saying this, I know I have shocked readers before. I don't expect every hand that holds this book to agree with every letter in it. Many, reading, will not understand that homosexuality can be expressed in the past tense. Either you are or you never have been. There, I do not agree. The only constant in this world is God. In contrast, homosexuality is only an immutable identity when the heart refuses to bend. This is all much more complex than my modest introduction suggests. I only want to encourage the undecided to continue their discovery of my particular view of the truth. Granted, what I have to say about homosexuality and God will be a bit maverick, but I hope that will also be questionable about the whole idea.

Others know only straight love and this kind of book will allow them to explore the unknown. This book is also addressed to Christians (the "I point out that I have always been a suitable Christian"). I didn't always appreciate their way of loving the gay community. Between the hatred of the rainbow standard and the total lack of communication, my love for the Church pushed me to try to restore the balance that would give them love for who they are. called to rub shoulders with the clear proof of what God is.

In no way should this book be confused with the scriptures. God willing, it will benefit the churches, but the words in them should not take the first place. This is the role of the Word of God. Neither is it an appendix to the scriptures, it is only the telling of a story touched by them, with practical advice gained by living the scriptures. Because of my love for the LGBT community, I desperately need them to know God. Because of my love for the Church, I desperately need her members to see the God of this world as he is, and not as we would have preferred him to be. This book represents my efforts to make it happen. When one leaves the gay lifestyle and enters the brand new world of a loving God, His path is quite an adventure: such an extravaganza that it will produce a new saint or make one even better. If I had to characterize this experience differently, I would say it is "arduous". As arduous as trying to climb a mountain whose summit disappears in the clouds. But that can still be moved.

For these saints, my love is the whole of my life, of my failures, of my victories, of everything I have discovered about God, all of it edited and put into words for them to read. In doing so, a powerful "She got it" may well arise. But I would much prefer a "God is good" to go up, just followed by a "At all times!" ". They are proof of how God saves. Proof that many gay boys and girls have been transformed into new beings by a good God. They have heard the news that they are not alone.

I also wrote this book for myself, in that I am as sincere as I can be. I didn't hide anything. When, as a young convert, I found myself in the typical situation of some Christians who speak in the most beautiful way about their lives, I refused to take the easy way and water down the truth.If it's the truth that sets us free, then why not stick to it all the time? With wisdom and love, of course, but also knowing that truth is the beginning of freedom

Finally, every sentence in the book you are holding wants to bring God to light. To pose this object full of words having better understood who I am, but with a superficial idea of ​​God, would deprive my efforts of all value. This book contains a lot of me but much more of God, who is what the soul needs to find rest and what the mind needs to find peace. He is the Creator God, the King of Glory, the One who out of love sent Christ to pay our debt and become the sin that we are all born into. This book centers on this resurrected Lamb of God who I hope will arise in these pages and in hearts. It is a raised hand, a happy praise, a necessary hymn, a hallelujah that is not kept but proclaimed. This work is my worship of this God whom I pray to make you say "God is so good!" ".

- Jackie Hill Perry

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