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Cruciforme Publisher

  • Les Éditions Cruciforme aims to publish works centered on the Gospel which glorify God and which prepare and engage people to become all for what they were created, that is to say to exalt him forever in this life and in the one to come.
  • Therefore, the works will be creative, biblical and centered on the person of Christ.
  • We desire to use all mediums to promote a God-centered worldview.
  • We want to make the Gospel of Jesus Christ known in Quebec and to Francophones around the world. Works must therefore be financially, culturally and qualitatively accessible.
  • We want to encourage French-speaking Christian creators to speak in a language that their contemporaries can understand because we believe that they have to influence their culture in their generation and for those to come.
  • We also want to translate into French the best works that put this Gospel forward in a biblical theology, that is to say a global vision of the history of salvation.

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    Se préparer au mariage (eBook)

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    Osez rêver avec Dieu en préparant votre mariage. Pour apprendre à mieux connaître la personne que vous aimez, vous devez naturellement vous renseig...

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