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Life lessons for tender hearts

A short story from a series of illustrated books for children aged 3 to 8 - each of which depicts the life of a family of animals - was published to provide families with biblical counseling focused on the gospel. The animal figures, colorful illustrations and real-life issues that every animal family faces will captivate children. In addition, the last page of each book contains information for parents on how God, through His Word, helps children solve specific problems using Bible truths. These stories will engage children and parents in a constructive conversation about how to live by faith at all times of daily life.

  • Each story, featuring the lives of different families of animals, will be of interest to even toddlers.
  • The fun, colorful illustrations will transport children to an animal world rich in detail.
  • Each story will help children navigate a difficult situation by means of grace.
  • Instead of lecturing children, these stories provide practical ways for them to follow Jesus when they are find themselves in a difficult situation.
  • These stories are based on the Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation (CCEF) model of hope and help ) that encourages the growth of our relationship with Jesus.