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Nouveauté de Pascal Denault «Le côté obscur de la vie chrétienne»

New from Pascal Denault "The dark side of Christian life"


Today is the big day!

During the last month, we have published quotes and articles from Pascal Denault's new book, The Dark Side of Christian Life .

In this video , Pascal explains why he wrote his book.

In the second video that we published, he presents a summary of the contents of the book.

In the third video that we published, Pascal explains to us what the purpose of his book is and who should read it.

I sincerely believe that all Christians should read this book, preferably in pairs or in groups.

I leave you with this recommendation by DA Carson:

“Here is some well thought-out pastoral theological work. The three issues he discusses are interrelated: a terrifying lack of assurance of salvation, spiritual depression, and a disheartening perception that there are too few fruits in a person's life to be able to conclude that they are saved. . However, unlike most works of pastoral theology which emphasize encouragement and general advice while being poor in biblical theology, this book offers solid biblical and theological reflection, in more to offer wise pastoral care. »
–D. A. Carson, author; president and founder of The Gospel Coalition

Buy the book

Get the book "The Dark Side of the Christian Life" at the following Christian bookstores:

Publications Chrétiennes
BLF Store
Maison de la Bible // Kindle // Kindle // Kindle
CLC Canada
Librairie Chrétienne de Québec

Happy reading


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