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Interview avec John MacArthur à propos de son nouveau livre

Interview with John MacArthur about his new book

With the release of his book Systematic Theology, (scheduled for October 2018 in Canada), we asked Dr.John MacArthur to give us his take on the content of the book and why it is important to read.

Why do we need a new book of systematic theology?

John MacArthur : To answer this question, I must first explain that Systematic Theology does not reinvent theology. If your theology is anchored in biblical truths and supported by Church history, you will not gain anything new or innovative from it. Rather, it represents the expression and affirmation of historical and biblical orthodoxy. In this sense, Systematic Theology presents nothing new. That said, it was important to produce a book of systematic theology that reflected the doctrinal convictions of The Master’s Seminary. In seminary, our desire is to teach sound doctrine to as many church leaders as possible. This book is one more tool that we can use to achieve this goal anywhere in the world.

What is unique about this systematic theology book and different?

John MacArthur : Many theological books have been written by men with a background of Reformed tradition. , since the writing of Institution de la religion chretienne by Jean Calvin. However, when these books deal with eschatology, they take an amillennialist approach. So, when interpreting Bible prophecy, they should set aside literal hermeneutics. We felt compelled to publish a work in which the same method of interpretation was applied to all of the teachings of Scripture; as much to the passages dealing with election and redemption as to those dealing with the millennial kingdom and the future of Israel.

How this book Systematic Theology represent the views of seminary and faculty?

John MacArthur: I very much appreciated the fact to be able to work on the writing of this volume with the members and the teachers of the seminary. One of the hallmarks of The Master’s Seminary is the doctrinal unity manifested by the teachers. They have the same fundamental convictions, and this unity is reflected in the lessons. Teachings offered to students emphasize biblical truths in a way that is clear and consistent. This unity is reflected in this volume.

Systematic Theology is an invaluable resource for seminary students, pastors, and even all Christians .

🇫🇷 🇨🇭 🇧🇪 In Europe: P launch price until October 31, 2018: 35 € and the price regular from November 1, 2018: 45 €

🇨🇦 In Canada: Introductory price until October 31, 2018 : $ 50.00 and the regular price from November 1, 2018 : $ 69.95 (release planned for October 2018 in Canada). We will send another message to announce the exact release date in Canada.

Happy reading!
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