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Trois erreurs sur la trinité à éviter (Olivier Favre)

Three mistakes on the trinity to avoid (Olivier Favre)

This article is taken from the book The good foundation by Olivier Favre

Throughout the history of the Church, some have attempted to explain the Trinity in a simple manner, as many sects still do today. But any simplification of the biblical data draws us into heresy.

So ​​let's avoid "tritheism", the mistake of saying that there are three gods, or a multiplicity of gods, as Mormons do for example.

Let’s avoid "monarchism", according to which there is a superiority of one divine person over others within this Trinity. This is what, for example, Jehovah's Witnesses and many modernist theologians claim who have reduced our Lord Jesus Christ to a mere human being.

Let us then avoid “modalism”, for which the three persons mentioned by the Word of God would be only three modes of revelation of a unique God, who would have presented himself in turn as Father, then as Son, and finally as the Holy Spirit, one excluding the others. The account of the baptism of the Lord allows this theory to be refuted. Modalism is taught by the Branhamist sect.

Let us note again that religions like Islam and Judaism, which were so determined to maintain the unity and oneness of God, must deny part of the biblical revelation.

Let us be careful not to simplify or reject the doctrine of the Trinity, at the risk of straying from biblical teaching. Let us be careful not to reduce this God so great to our limited human reasoning. It would be pride and disbelief.

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