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Voici pourquoi André Eggen recommande la lecture du livre « Sans Adam, pas d’Évangile »

Here is why André Eggen recommends reading the book "Without Adam, no Gospel"

For several decades now, our evangelical world has been facing an apparent dilemma as to the question of origins: Bible or science? Should we become scientifically correct vis-à-vis a majority of the scientific community? To sift the Bible through archeology, to correct it in the light of genetics? Revisiting his stories through the history taught today? Or affirm the central biblical message of salvation in Jesus Christ in response to sin's entry into the world - a consequence of the disobedience of the first human couple (Adam and Eve)?

Although we could today advance scientific arguments concerning the origin of humanity and the impossibility of finding common ancestors between humans and great apes, Richard Gaffin, by his skills and his biblical knowledge, deliberately chooses to treat the subject only from the theological angle. It is based not only on a straightforward reading of the first chapters of the Bible, but also on the teachings of the New Testament, which enrich and complete the message of Genesis. He thus emphasizes that the Bible forms a coherent whole. It is therefore appropriate to consider the question of the first Adam and of salvation in Jesus Christ not only from the first chapters of Genesis, but also through the teachings of Paul, especially in the letters to the Romans and the Corinthians.

The author of this book does not seek to use scientific arguments to support his words. Rather, he wishes to demonstrate that the message of the Scriptures is clear: to deny Adam as the first human being and sinner is to question the work of Jesus Christ and the salvation we have through his work on the cross. He thus emphasizes that the biblical message remains the same, regardless of the various schools of thought that seek to minimize, and even deny, the existence of a first Adam within the biblical message. It thus reaffirms the supreme authority of the Word of God, in the face of all current trends, however scientific or scholarly they may appear.

We discover, through this clear and concise little book, that the Bible is neither old-fashioned nor out of date. On the contrary, it contains the truth about our past, our present and our future: it is trustworthy. The Bible's message for our generation and future generations does not have to be different from what was preached by our ancestors.

- André Eggen
(Dr ès sciences, Ing. Agr. EPFZ) Former research director and agrigenomics manager in the field of biotechnologies; president of the "Au Commencement" association; former at the Baptist Church of Ris-Orangis

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