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Voici pourquoi Florent Varak recommande la lecture du livre «L'adoration et la prédication»

Here is why Florent Varak recommends reading the book "Adoration and preaching"

John Piper is famous the world over for his scripture-based preaching and for his infectious passion for God and his Word. His enthusiasm, in the sense of how much God has grasped his being, is communicative. His leitmotif, “God is fully glorified in me when I am fully satisfied in Him,” has inspired an entire generation. His passion for God is his trademark. We can see from his sermons that it is not only for him a response to the blessings of God, but that it is anchored in the very person of God and his redemptive work.

We can wonder about the place of passion in the preparation of our sermons.

I preached a number of messages and corrected hundreds of them in various trainings. The observation is clear: our sermons sometimes have a hard time getting beyond an explanation of the text and its application. How difficult it is to illuminate hearts so that they may exult before this mystery: "Christ in you, the hope of glory" (Col 1:27)! Isn't that the ultimate goal of the Spirit of God among his people: to portray to our hearts so focused on the issues of the day the glorious impact of our union with Christ?

Piper maintains that the celebration doesn't end with singing. It continues in the preaching, and nourishes worship. No, in fact preaching is an integral part of worshiping God's people. The subject is treated with the academic rigor that the author acknowledges, as much as with the passion of a decades-long ministry.

This book made me realize the pleasure God takes in proclaiming his thoughts. John Piper sends down a bit of heaven on this weekly experience. It introduces an element of transcendence that we need in order to bring our audience into the presence of the Lord. He emphasizes the importance of nurturing, Sunday after Sunday, our communion with God by understanding his Word so that we are satisfied with his glory and the happiness of knowing him.

Worship and Preaching is an exciting book that enhances the image of preaching, a discipline that is sometimes understated in our churches. He will know how to renew the courage of a little weary preachers who have lost sight of the glory and the privilege of their call.

- Florent Varak Pasteur, author, international director of development of the Encompass churches, professor at the Biblical Institute of Geneva

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