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Voici pourquoi Yanick Ethier recommande la lecture du livre « Un ministère auprès des enfants centré sur l’Évangile »

Here is why Yanick Ethier recommends reading the book "A ministry to children centered on the Gospel"

I have served the same congregation as pastor for over 20 years; It is a beautiful testimony of the grace of God in my life and of the patience of the members of our Church. Yet this love affair started a few years ago, in fact 20 years earlier, when I was only six years old.

I remember a lovely lady of the Church who took the opportunity of a recorder class to present the gospel to me. It was with her that I first prayed, asking Jesus to be my personal Savior. The work of the Spirit is very mysterious, for I believe that I experienced the new birth years later, at age 18, after having wandered away from the Church for a few years. I know that this seed I received when I was six years old has always stayed with me, even though it took many years and trials before it could germinate.

The time we invest in our churches recruiting volunteers for children's ministries and building quality teams is perhaps the best time we will have invested in our lives.

I have always had the development of the Sunday School ministry at heart, and I long longed for the Lord to be equipped with quality resources to teach our children and train the volunteers who give so much. generously of their time. One of the great dangers for our children is that they are exposed to an incomplete or moralistic gospel. The risk is that they will end up being immune to the finest of messages.

Today, by the grace of God, there is finally material suitable for children that presents the Gospel in all its richness and from all its angles. Anyone who wishes to adopt a gospel-centered children's education program in their church should read this book by Brian Dembowczyk first. The author, who is also the editor-in-chief of the excellent program The Gospel Project , guides us step by step in teaching us how to teach the gospel, in the Church, in all its richness. All leaders and volunteers who serve in children's ministries will be greatly blessed by reading this book.

–Yanick Ethier
Pasteur, president of SOLA and member of the board of TGC Canada

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