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Coronavirus and Christ - John Piper

The best 100-page presentation on the hope of the gospel in times of crisis

These are John Piper's two goals for writing this book:

  1. Presents Jesus Christ as a solid rock on which our souls can lean
  2. Calls the world to repentance while there is still time.

Both to comfort and to convince:

  1. Read this book for yourselves, to comfort yourselves in times of anguish and so that God, through this book, can convince you of pride and indifference to the crisis.
  2. Read this book with an unbeliever so that it serves as an invitation to join you on this solid rock that is Jesus Christ.
  3. Distribute copies of this book to members of your Church. For my part, I will do so by taking them to the letter boxes. Our prayer is that at the time of deconfinement, there will be a great awakening in the heart of this fallen world which does not yet know Jesus Christ.

The objective of this project is to benefit as many people as possible from the content of this book. This is the reason why, in the In recent weeks, we have distributed the PDF version of the book as well as its audio format for free.

If you haven't had a chance yet, click here to download the PDF version of the book and here to access its audio format.