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<transcy>The Holiness of God (La sainteté de Dieu)</transcy>

R. C. Sproul
by Impact
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Are you amazed or afraid of the holiness of God?

Holiness is at the center of God's character. Yet most people find it difficult to define precisely what the holiness of God is. Many preachers today avoid this topic altogether because people have difficulty grasping certain related concepts, such as the fear of God. However, understanding the holiness of God is paramount, as it delivers us from our propensity to trust in ourselves and our own righteousness for the salvation of our soul.

In this book, R. C. Sproul explains why it is essential to acquire a biblical understanding of the holiness of God in order to develop a theology and a vision of the Christian life that honor God. He paints an impressive portrait of God to encourage Christians to be holy like their Heavenly Father. When you discover the full extent of God’s holiness, your life will never be the same.

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R. C. SPROUL (1939-2017) is an American theologian and pastor. He is the founder of Ligonier Ministries, an international ministry of Christian education located in the United States. He has taught at several universities and seminars, including the Reformed Theological Seminary. He wrote hundreds of books for the purpose of proclaiming the deep and practical truths of the Word of God.

"I have read and re-read this book on numerous occasions. With each reading it grips my soul and humbles me so much the holiness of God reveals the immense depravity of my heart. This book inevitably leads me to contemplate the immaculate beauty of the Lord Jesus. RC Sproul solemnly portrays the holiness of God, while showing that it is accompanied by a benevolent truth: through Christ we can draw near to God with a heart filled with wonder as we wait to see the Lord in all. his glory and his holiness. This book will lead you to kneel down and pursue holiness in your own life. "
- Florent Varak, pastor, author, international director of development of the Encompass churches, professor at the Biblical Institute of Geneva

“How we live our faith is influenced in large part by our understanding of the holiness of God. With the pedagogy and depth that we know him, R. C. Sproul leads us in a meticulous study of the divine attribute which reveals to us more than all the others the deep nature of God. This book has helped me not only to better grasp the meaning of God's holiness, but to desire to contemplate it and make it my own. "
- Raphaël Charrier, pastor of the Evangelical Christian Church of Grenoble; blogger on

"When we meditate on the notions of holiness and sanctification, we are mainly interested in an anthropocentric perspective: the believer's relentless fight against sin, his daily walk with God, his quest for an ever more life. conformed to that of Christ ... But before being an objective to be attained, holiness is rooted in a theocentric perspective: God is holy. Without this fundamental truth, we cannot understand who this Master is to whom we want to devote ourselves. In this work, R. C. Sproul directs our gaze to this eternal foundation and reveals to our eyes the inestimable treasures of the holiness of God. "
- Guillaume Bourin, pastor of the Reformed Baptist Church of the Trinity; author of the book I will pour pure water on you ; founder of the blog Le Bon Combat ; director of the Biblical Institute #Transmit

“Any Christian who takes their spiritual growth seriously needs to read The Holiness of God . This book has helped me a lot personally. »
- Jerry Bridges, author of Towards a holy life

"When I first heard R. C. Sproul teach on the holiness of God, I saw the astonishing splendor and majesty of the holiness of God in a new light. Amazed, I understood that holiness is not just one divine attribute among many others; it resides at the very heart of all that God is and does. I then discovered that this was precisely the message that the Church of our generation urgently needed to hear - and it still is today. Almost a decade after hearing this series of sermons for the first time, its message still stimulates my thinking and revives my heart. »
- John MacArthur, pastor of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California

"As I passed my copy of this classic the other day, I opened it at random. And I couldn't bring myself to close it until I had finished reading the captivating analogy Sproul presented in it. But that's what happens to me every time. Sproul is unmatched for treating any subject with depth, clarity, and biblical realism. The Holiness of God is my favorite book by R. C. Sproul because it touches the heart of the identity of God. "
- John Piper, author of Worship and Preaching

"Refreshingly written, this book nourishes the soul. I do not know of a theme more necessary to reintegrate into the life of the Church today than that of the holiness of God, and this book is among the best ever written on the subject. »
- David F. Wells, Professor and Research Fellow at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary; author of Reformed Theology in America

The Holiness of God , by R. C. Sproul, is a classic of 20th century Reformed literature. Few things matter more than understanding the holiness of God and worshiping Him with reverence and admiration. I am delighted that it is being reissued for the benefit of a new generation.
- Derek W. H. Thomas, John E. Richards Chair and Professor of Systematic and Pastoral Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary-Jackson; minister responsible for education at First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, Mississippi; managing editor of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

“According to the biblical mandate, each generation is obligated to pass on to the next generation a heritage which honors the Lord and which will propel them with insight and admonitions rooted in the glorious gospel of our Savior, Jesus Christ . In The holiness of God , R. C. Sproul becomes this transmitter. »
- Harry Reeder III, Senior Pastor of Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, Alabama

"There is nothing more important in the Christian life than understanding who God is. In this book, Sproul explains it to us and urges us to question our conception of the depths of God's holiness. Healthy thinking about it requires that we see ourselves as we are, repent again, and come back to Him with increased dedication. This is an essential message. »
- Gerald Bray, Theological Research Professor, Beeson Divinity School, Samford University; author of Holiness and the Will of God

"While it is true, as Calvin said, that we have no greater need than to know God, we also precisely need in our day to know him in his holiness. By neglecting this theme, we have severely cut our Christian life and witness. May God use this book to bless and uplift a new generation of readers. "
- Eric J. Alexander, retired senior pastor of St. George’s Tron Church in Glasgow, Scotland

Table of contents

1. The Holy Grail
2. Holy, holy, holy
3. The dreaded mystery
4. The Terrifying Aspect of Holiness
5. Luther's Madness
6. Holy justice
7. War and Peace with the Holy God
8. Be holy, for I am holy
9. God in the Hands of Angry Sinners
10. Look Beyond the Shadows
11. Holy space and holy time


Original title : The Holiness of God
Author : RC Sproul
Publisher : Impact
Publication : March 2020
ISBN : 978-2-89082-390-7
Dimensions : 5.5 "x 8.5"
Pages : 237
Format : paperback
Weight : 292 g

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Christian Bouedjoro
Un exposé magistral du 3 fois saint

Ce livre est à conseiller à tous les chrétiens. Dr. Sproul nous conduit à la contemplation à la fois glorieuse et effrayante d'un Dieu qui se révèle comme saint et qui l'est effectivement. Nous affirmons que Dieu est grand, et sa sainteté nous invite à réfléchir au poids de sa grandeur. A lire, je vous le recommande.

M. Sproul nous manque!

Encore une fois, l'enseignant incroyable qu'est R.C. Sproul m'a permis de m'attarder sur des aspects de la réalité du caractère du Dieu saint sur lesquels je n'avais jamais réfléchi. Sproul, un pédagogue hors pair, apporte encore une fois des images concrètes qui nous aident à mieux réaliser la grandeur du Créateur face aux êtres pécheurs que nous sommes. Je raffole de ce bouquin! (Un seul point négatif pour moi : j'ai acheté le PDF et je suis déçu qu'il soit protégé, m'empêchant d'y ajouter des notes ou d'en souligner des passages.)

Un bijou

Ce livre est un incontournable et je le recommande très fortement. Excellent exposé sur la sainteté de Dieu, à lire et à relire.

Benjamin Eggen

Excellent. À lire plusieurs fois dans sa vie.

Cet ouvrage est retenu dans notre assortiment.

Il s’agit d’un exposé clair, écrit avec beaucoup de pédagogie, sur la sainteté de Dieu, la grâce et son fonctionnement et la souveraineté de Dieu. Le thème abordé est développé en profondeur et sous plusieurs angles. L’ouvrage stimule la lecture du texte biblique et aidera le chrétien à mieux saisir le vrai sens de la sainteté de Dieu. Les questions à la fin de chaque chapitre permettent d’aller plus loin dans la réflexion. Le chapitre 5, intitulé « La folie de Luther » propose un éclairage intéressant sur l’histoire de la Réforme. A noter que le propos à la page 54 sur les films d’horreurs pourra surprendre dans un ouvrage de cette nature.