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About Us

Publications Chrétiennes is a Quebec publishing house founded in 1958. Its mission is to publish or disseminate the Bible, as well as books and brochures which expose its teaching, which demonstrate its topicality and relevance and which encourage spiritual growth in Jesus Christ.

Publications Chrétiennes is a non-profit organization, registered with Revenue Canada and entitled to issue tax receipts. It is governed by an independent board of directors, comprising among its members workers, theologians, and businessmen and women. Its team of employees is made up of a general manager, an editor, an accountant, a graphic designer, a production manager and a customer service and shipping agent. . Christian Publications also uses many freelancers and volunteers to take care of the translation and production of the books. The books we publish are chosen and approved by the team in place and by the board of directors. They are distributed on our online store, in Christian bookstores, local churches, and by missionaries in Quebec, Canada, the United States, French-speaking Europe, Africa and Haiti. We are also present in several conferences and evangelical events across Quebec.

In 1958, Mr. Norman Buchanan began editing publications for evangelical work in Quebec. At that time, commercial printers sometimes refused to print books and advertisements for "Protestants."

Normand moved to Cap-de-la-Madeleine (Trois-Rivières) and, for 4 years, Publications Chrétiennes installed its equipment in the basement of the Christian Assembly of Cape Town. During this period, our equipment had to be continuously moved to free up space for Sunday School. In 1962, the current premises were built opposite the Church. They were then enlarged in 1964, then in 1976.

Printing presses, letterpress equipment, folders, booklet makers and bookbinding machines have been added over the years. A partnership with Radio Bible Class was formed in 1978 and until 2013 we produced Notre Pain Quotidien every year.

By 1980, technologies had changed and the equipment in place was increasingly obsolete. It was then that the decision was made to turn to commercial printing services and close our production department to focus more on publishing.

In 1998, Christian Publications began translating Bible commentaries and began publishing the 33-volume series written by John MacArthur on New Testament books. It was 17 years later, in the summer of 2015, that the last volume of this series appeared, totaling approximately 9,500 pages. Several other books useful for Christian walking and the ministry of the local Church have so far appeared in Publications Chrétiennes, under the imprint of Éditions Impact. We find there authors such as D. A. Carson, Paul Enns, Alexander Strauch, Alfred P. Gibbs, Kevin DeYoung, and many others.

In 2010, Publications Chrétiennes acquired several equipment to produce some of its books itself. In 2011 a 1,100 page concordance was edited to with the help of young computer experts in the local Church and a new series of Bible commentaries named “Exégétix” was introduced by the publication of the excellent Commentary on the Gospel of John written by DA Carson. The second volume in this series, Peter O'Brien's Letter to the Ephesians , was published in 2013. We have also undertaken the translation of a third volume, the book Epistles to the Colossians and to Philemon by Douglas J. Moo.

It was also in 2013 that we finally realized our dream of bringing together a series of commentaries into one volume. To do this, we have chosen the excellent "Researcher's Bible Commentary" written by the professors at Dallas Theological Seminary. The commentary on the New Testament had been in French since 1989, but it had been difficult to find it for a few years. So we started by republishing the big volume on the New Testament. As of today, nearly 4,000 copies have been sent to the Third World. Regarding the translation of the commentary on the Old Testament, we published the last of the five volumes in December 2014. Then, in the summer of 2015, we brought together in one bound volume all of the Seeker's comments on the. Old Testament.

Each year, several pallets of our books are sent to French-speaking Africa and Haiti. Books destined for these Third World countries are sold at practically cost to print - with the cost of translation and preparation covered by donations from Christians who support the translation ministry to which the Lord has called us.

There are still several books of the Bible for which there are no suitable commentaries in English that could help those who teach the Word. Almost 85% of evangelical churches in the third world are led by pastors who have little or no formal training for ministry, and many do not have access to good theological books. There is therefore a serious lack of quality tools for the training of the Lord's servants. Thus, year after year, we strive to meet these needs, while relying on the Lord to give us the strength and resources to move his work forward.

To date, we have published over 150 books, each ranging between 80 and 2,200 pages. We are grateful for the Lord's good hand on us, for the honor of serving him through Christian literatur e, and for the support of God's people.