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<transcy>1 Corinthians (1 Corinthiens)</transcy>

Henry Bryant
by CLÉ
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Our society is so much like that of the  Corinthians that if we understand Paul's answers to the questions of believers in Corinth, we will know God's mind on the current problems of the Church.

What is the role of the Spirit in the Church? How are donations exercised? What about speaking in tongues? prophecies? What is the baptism of the dead? When and how will the resurrection take place? How to exercise discipline in the Church? What framework has sexuality? Henry Bryant addresses these questions and many others throughout this text, so close to the concerns of the Church today.

The purpose of this comment is therefore twofold:

  1. To help the reader better understand Paul's thoughts by examining the text of the letter and by presenting the various possible interpretations.
  2. Suggest to modern Christians how they can put into practice the various truths that are stated in this first-century writing.
Table of contents

I. Introduction 1.1-9: Paul presents his greetings to the Church and expresses his gratitude to God for her.

II. Reprimands to the assembly 1.10-6.20: Informed by Christians who came to see him, Paul addresses some serious problems within the Church.

A. Divisions and carnal wisdom 1.10-4.21
B. The case of incest 5.1-13
C. Lawsuits between Christians 6.1-8
D. Immorality 6.9-20

III. Answers to questions 7.1-16.4: Paul answers questions that the Corinthians asked him about matters of disagreement or abuse.

A. Celibacy and marriage 7.1-40
B. Meats sacrificed to idols - Christian freedom 8.1-11.1
C. The roles of men and women in the Church 11.2-16
D. The Lord's Supper 11.17-34
E. Spiritual gifts 12.1-14.40
F. The resurrection of the dead 15.1-58
G. The collection for saints 16.1-4

IV. Final Instructions 16.5-24: Paul ends his letter with some personal information, recommendations and greetings.


Author: Henry Bryant
Publisher: Éditions Clé
Publication: July 2008

Pages: 400 pages
Format: 15 x 21
ISBN: 978-2 -906090-85-9
Weight: 536 g