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<transcy>The Passion of Jesus Christ (50 raisons pour quoi Jésus doit mourir) </transcy>

John Piper
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The issue of Jesus' death on the cross remains relevant, despite claims to the contrary by a secularized world. Proof of this is the many books and several films that appear regularly, as well as the general interest they arouse.

Who sent Jesus to the cross? Why did he have to die? Why so much suffering? What does this have to do with me?

The Bible's message clearly announces that it was God who brought Christ to Golgotha. Starting from this startling statement, the author examines in an original way the reasons why it was necessary and indispensable for Jesus to go to the cross according to the plan of his Father.

But the central response to Christ's death is not the causes (why), but the purpose (for what). This is what John Piper offers us in these pages based on the revelation of God.

Not 50 causes, but 50 goals in response to the most important question each of us faces.

What did God accomplish for sinners like us by sending his Son to death?


John Piper - Pastor of a Baptist church in the northern United States, he recently retired and is dedicated to a broader ministry. He is also the author of numerous books, a popular speaker in large parts of the world, and a major player in a movement to return to the proclamation of the Word of God.

Table of contents

1 Turning away the wrath of God
2 Pleasing your Heavenly Father
3 Learning obedience and achieving perfection
4 Bringing out your own resurrection from among the dead
5 Showing the extent of God's love and grace for sinners
6 Showing love for us
7 Canceling legal demands against us
8 Serving as a ransom for many
9 The forgiveness of our sins
10 Lay the foundation of our justification
11 Perfect the obedience that becomes our justice
12 Remove our condemnation
13 Abolish circumcision and rites as conditions of salvation
14 Bring us to faith and keep us faithful
15 Make us holy, spotless and perfect
16 Purify our conscience
17 Acquire all that is good for us
18 Heal us from moral and physical illnesses
19 Give eternal life to all who believe in him
20 Deliver us from this evil century
21 Reconcile us with God
22 Bring us to God
23 Make us his possession
24 Give us free access to the most holy place
25 Become the point of our encounter with God
26 End the Old Testament priesthood and becoming the everlasting high priest
27 Becoming a compassionate and rescuing priest
28 Freeing us from the futile life of our ancestors
29 Freeing us from the slavery of sin
30 Make us die to sin and live for righteousness
31 Make us die to the law and bear fruit for God
32 Allow us to live for Christ and not for ourselves
33 Make his cross our subject of pride
34 Make ourselves capable of living by faith in him
35 Giving marriage its deepest meaning
36 Creating a people zealous for good works
37 Call us to follow his example of humility and sacrificial love
38 Create a team of crucified disciples
39 Tear us from the slavery of fear of death
40 To have us with him immediately after his death
41 To guarantee our resurrection from the dead
42 To disarm the dominions and the authorities
43 To release the power of God contained in the Gospel
44 Put an end to the enmity between the races
45 To redeem men of every people and every nation
46 Gather all his flock scattered throughout the world
47 Save us from the Last Judgment
48 Obtain his joy and ours
49 To be crowned with glory and honor
50 To demonstrate that God makes the worst evil work together for good


Original title : The Passion of Jesus Christ
Author : John Piper
Publisher: Europresse
Pages : 120
Weight : 160 g
Release : 2004
Dimensions : 14 x 21.6 cm
ISBN : 978-2-914562-26-3
Format : paperback

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Customer Reviews

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Mickeal Ressus
je suis venu

je suis venu graçe à ce livre passionnnant ilnlma perlis davoir pu bparler a jesus hier soir dans le fond de mon lit sous les drapqs (ps : maintanent je dois les laver)

Heritier Lengelo Fundji

C est un livre très profond sur le plan de la forme et du fond de son contenu. Je le recommande à tout les prédicateurs de la parole de Dieu en particulier et à tout les chrétiens qui veulent croître dans la connaissance de la parole de Dieu.