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Seeing the Unseen: A Daily Dose of Eternal Perspective (60 jours pour voir l'invisible)

Randy Alcorn
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We are blinded. Sin prevents us from seeing God and the eternity that awaits us with him. We don't see them but they are very real.

With very short meditations Randy Alcorn helps us live each day by reminding us that life on earth is only a moment before eternity waiting for us.

It's time to open your eyes… to see the invisible.


Randy Alcorn is a pastor, speaker and author of numerous books translated into several languages ​​including The Joy of Giving and The Choice of Purity . Randy and his wife Nanci are happy parents and grandparents.
Original title : Seeing the Unseen: A Daily Dose of Eternal Perspective
: BLF Éditions
Author : Randy Alcorn
Publication : January 2019
Pages : 143
Dimensions : 11 x 16.5 cm
ISBN : 978-2-36249-435-2
Format : paperback
Weight : 104 g
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