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<transcy>Men and Women, Equal But Different (Égaux,mais différents) </transcy>

Alexander Strauch
by Impact
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Fortunately, everyone agrees: men and women are equal! This equality in no way precludes the manifest complementarity that man and woman offer each other. Gender identity has a special and complementary function, the Bible tells us. What are the opportunities and limitations?

Alexander Strauch invites us to examine biblical benchmarks, so that men and women in Christ may discover the full development intended by their Creator.

Each chapter begins with a dialogue between the author and a student and ends with a series of questions that will allow readers to take stock of their own convictions. The place of men and women in the couple and then in the Church is discussed through a presentation of key passages and terms from the entire Bible.


Married with two daughters, the author lives in Littleton, Colorado. He is a former church teacher where he has been teaching the Bible for about 30 years.

Table of contents

The Controversy
Chapter 1: Jesus Christ Brings Us Back to Creation
Chapter 2: Jesus Christ Chooses Men to Lead His Church
Chapter 3: Through His Apostles , Jesus Christ taught on marriage
Chapter 4: Through his apostles, Jesus Christ taught gender equality and the differences of roles in the Christian world
Chapter 5: Jesus Christ and his apostles have spoken clearly
Take heart and stand firm in your faith


Original title : Men and Women, Equal But Different
Author : Alexander Strauch
Publisher : Impact / Key
​​Publication : 2006
ISBN : 978-2-89082-091-3
Pages : 183
Dimensions : 5.4 "x 8.3"
Format : paperback

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Michel Cournoyer
Très bon livre

Si ce livre est épuisé en français, vous devez le publier de nouveau; il est très important, surtout par les tempos qui courent ... dans l'Église en général....
La commande s'est bien passée. Merci.
Michel Cournoyer

Le livre sera bientôt réimprimé ! Nous sommes d'accord pour dire qu'il est excellent et qu'il explique bien le sujet.