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<transcy>Catholicism: East of Eden (Église catholique, où vas-tu ?)</transcy>

Richard Bennett
by Impact
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The author of this book has a particularly deep knowledge of the Roman Catholic Church. He has endeavored to describe Catholicism in the twenty-first century with as much frankness as with compassion.

Where is the Catholic Church today? What is the nature of his authority? What about his teaching on uninterrupted apostolic succession dating back to the apostle Peter? What is this “deposit of faith” given to the apostles of Christ in the first century? Why are many Evangelicals currently seeking to draw closer to the Catholic Church? Many Catholics, and also non-Catholics, wonder… Unfortunately, moral and doctrinal confusion is rife; analysis and clarity are often lacking. This book will undoubtedly help provide answers to your questions.

All of the author's claims are supported by rigorous documentation, so that any reader wishing to check the contents of these pages for their own account will be able to do so without difficulty. We hope this book touches hearts and minds as well.

Table of contents

1. From Tradition to Truth: The Spiritual Journey of a Priest
2. Unwavering Authority: The Word of the Lord
3. The Mystique of the Catholic Priesthood
4. The development of the papacy: from the origins to the Reformation
5. The Development of the Papacy: From the Counter-Reformation to the Present Day
6. Does the Papacy Hold the Keys to the Apostle Peter?
7. Catholic Baptism, Confirmation and Anointing of the Sick
8. Forgiveness of sins: by a priest, or according to the Bible?
9. The sacrificial nature of the Mass
10. The Catholic “Holy Communion”
11. Mysticism, this scourge
12. Images of "Christ" in the Light of the Gospel
13. Mary according to the Bible, or according to the Catholic tradition?
14. The interference of Rome in the marriage instituted by God
15. Conventual Life
16. Biblical unity in the Lord, or conformity to the Pope?
17. The Compromises of the “New Evangelicals” with Catholicism
18. Conclusion
1. Scripture Given to the Early Church
2. Poison in the Spring of Living Water: The Apocrypha
3. The Church, Column and Support of Truth
4. The Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church: a comparative table


Author : Bennett, Richard
Original title : Catholicism: East of Eden
Publisher : Impact

 Publication : 2010

ISBN : 978-2-89082-123-1
Pages : 366
Dimensions : 5.4 "x 8.3"
Format : paperback
Weight : 422 g

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