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<transcy>Glimpses of Grace (eBook) (À la recherche de la grâce (eBook))</transcy>

Gloria Furman
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Daily life can sometimes become a burden. Every day we have to do the same chores and household chores, face the same challenges and discouragement, and juggle the same anxieties and responsibilities. Our social and family obligations constantly demand our attention, and at times we find it impossible to catch our breath.

Where is God in all of this? Does he care how we put the dishes away or manage our budget? Do everyday mundane tasks, like changing diapers or preparing meals, matter? How can we find joy in our daily lives and use our spheres of influence for the glory of God?

Whether we are a stay-at-home mom or split our time between office and home, Gloria Furman - author, pastor's wife, missionary abroad, and mother of four - encourages us all to see grace. of God in our lives, including in areas that we find boring or futile. Using personal examples, relevant anecdotes, and rich theological reflections, the author wants to share with us the extraordinary transforming power of the gospel in our ordinary lives.

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Gloria Furman is part wife, mother, doula and blogger. In 2008, her family moved to the Middle East to establish the Redeemer Church of Dubai , of which her husband, Dave, is the pastor. She writes regularly for The Gospel Coalition and Desiring God . She is also the co-author of the books Le minist feminine era centered on the Word and Mum up to the task?


"Checking in on a friend, changing the baby's diaper, planning the week with her husband ... it is through these mundane moments of everyday life that we are called to deepen our communion with God. Gloria Furman encourages us to contemplate the extraordinary goodness God has shown us in Jesus Christ and to live for our Lord on a daily basis - because even the most insignificant task in the eyes of the world is an opportunity to praise the One who has everything. accomplished for us. "
–Loanne Procopio, member of the committee of the" Engaged Christians "association; responsible for the children's ministry at the Connexion Church, Paris

"As you read this book, you will feel as if you have stepped through the threshold of Gloria Furman's house, to marvel with her at the daily gospel. With grace and simplicity, she reminds us that in all that our lives ordinarily have, God is continually doing his extraordinary work. »
–Rachel Yates, Head of Women of the Word, Gospel 21

“Since I was a teenager, God has instilled in me a desire to understand and live the implications of the gospel in every corner of my life, not just on Sunday mornings! In this book, Gloria Furman helps us with honesty, humor and depth to see how the reality of God's grace transforms our often mundane daily life into a myriad of thrilling opportunities to grow in our relationship with Jesus and to put his grace into practice. in all of our activities. Read this book and you will see your life from a whole new perspective, by the grace of God. "
–Naomi Pilgrem, mother of five, wife of a church planter in Brussels, Bible teacher and member of the Scripture collective

“I don't know anyone who puts their daily life at the service of the glory of God more than Gloria Furman. I want to learn more about God and his grace from those who live this reality and who are struggling to stay there. »
- Jennie Allen , author of Stuck: The Places We Get Stuck and the God Who Sets Us Free

"Gloria is a genuine woman!" In her book, she will tell you about the smell of her kitchen floor, but also about the unwavering love of her Savior. You are going to find Jonathan Edwards in the middle of peanut butter sandwiches sprinkled with sugar sprinkles… The grace in question here is not a vague idea: it is the biblical Gospel permeating the things of life, the daily life of a housewife. With strength, humility and candor, In Search of Grace calls on housewives (and all of us) to walk in faith, connecting the visible and the invisible. »
- Kathleen B. Nielson, Head of Women's Ministry, The Gospel Coalition

"This is the grace that sustains us, our good harbor: the unwavering love of God who saves and keeps us. In Search of Grace is not a how-to guide. This is a sincere invitation from a friend who wants you to see and experience the love of God unfolded in all your waves, large and small. With this book, Gloria offers us encouragement drawn from her own experience and a wisdom inherited from the Saints who braved storms, decades and even centuries before us. May you glimpse the unshakeable love of God and find there an anchor for your soul! »
- Lauren Chandler, author, speaker, singer and wife of Matt Chandler, pastor of The Village Church (Flower Mound, Texas)

Seeking Grace is a wonderful illustration of what it means to see Jesus Christ every day, under all circumstances. Our friend Gloria takes up the glories of the life of Christ and opens our eyes to their presence in the seemingly mundane circumstances of our daily lives. It makes us want to know God more and to believe that he is present in everything we do as mothers and wives. Her passion for the mission and her joy in God are contagious. We are delighted to recommend this book to anyone who would like to experience the supreme reality of being satisfied in Christ alone every day of their lives. »
- Elyse Fitzpatrick and Jessica Thompson, authors of Give Them Grace

"We need the fuel of the gospel to serve our families with joy, and that is exactly what this book offers us. I often pour out the torrent of the law on my family members, when what they need from me is grace, encouragement, and reminders of God's faithfulness. I thank the Lord for using Gloria to lead me back to the glorious gospel of His grace and thus allow me to show the same grace to my husband and children. We housewives can be suffocated by the ordinary, blinded by the everyday and live in a fog of routine and fatigue, unable to see how we could blow our children's noses or settle their disputes for the glory of God. With Seeking Grace , Gloria helps us dispel the mist by showing us how the gospel can change our perspective as we serve and love our families. "
- Krystie Anyabwile, housewife, mother and wife of Thabiti Anyabwile, pastor of Anacostia River Church (Washington)

"Every housewife, mother and woman in general knows the disconnect between what she knows and what she feels: she knows that what she is doing is good, but she nonetheless feels frustration and dissatisfaction. In In Search of Grace , Gloria Furman applies the gospel to this particular vocation of the housewife. With precision and grace, she shows us that the good news of Jesus' work, when properly understood and carefully applied, has the power to transform the way a woman performs the task the Lord has entrusted to her. . »
- Aileen Challies and Tim Challies, author of the blog and the book Do more. Better.

Table of contents


Part One: Our Anchor in the Daily
A Daily Filled with Miracles
Don't Smurf the Gospel
The Power of Parables
Christ in us, hope of glory

Part Two: See the miraculous in everyday life
Divine power and precious promises
for the 2 am meal
The bread of life and croissants for breakfast
Grace galore for all guests
Washed to be white as snow
The constant presence of God in our suffering
United with Christ, but devoid of friends
A treasure in clay vessels, not fine china
The Idol of a Perfect Home
Does contentment in Christ come with a nap?
Conclusion: God wants to give himself to you


Original title : Glimpses of Grace
Author : Gloria Furman
Publisher : Cruciforme
Publication : April 2021
ISBN : 978-2-925131-06-9
Pages : 224
Format : EBook

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