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<transcy>Encountering World Religions (Ebook) (À la rencontre des religions du monde (ebook))</transcy>

Irving Hexham
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Western society today is characterized by its diversity of religions from all over the world. Unfortunately, Christians are often ill-equipped to speak seriously with unbelievers about their faith. In Meeting the World's Religions , Professor Irving Hexham presents all the major religious traditions of the world in a brief and understandable way, including African, Yogic and Abrahamic traditions.

In a simple and clear style, the author explains the main beliefs and practices of each religion, while providing tips for critically examining them from the perspective of Christian theology. This book will be useful to anyone who wishes to develop a Christian perspective on the major religions of our world.

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IRVING HEXHAM (PhD, University of Bristol) is Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Calgary and Assistant Professor of Global Christianity at Liverpool Hope University. He has published scholarly works, major academic articles, popular articles and book reviews. He wrote, among other things, a report for the United Nations Refugee Agency on religious conflicts in Africa and another for the Department of Canadian Heritage on religious publications in Canada.


“As a good teacher, Hexham is not afraid to offer the kind of opinion or perspective that will provoke discussion and debate. This book is the result of many years of trying to encourage college students to seriously study religions. »
- GERALD J. PILLAY, President and Rector, Liverpool Hope University

“Hexham offers an introduction to the study of religions based on his years teaching this subject. He demonstrates an impressive multicultural knowledge of different religious traditions. »
- LARRY HURTADO, Emeritus Professor of New Testament Language, Literature and Theology, University of Edinburgh

"Hexham has made himself well known to his many readers, both locally and internationally, through his religious studies publications, both as general field research and as part of various movements. »
- GARY R. HABERMAS, distinguished professor-researcher and director of the department of philosophy and theology, Liberty University

“The Book of Hexham is a resource that resolves the wide world of religious beliefs. Every Christian leader should have a copy. »
- CARSON PUE, Ph. D., Trinity Western University

Table of contents

1. Welcome to the first century
2. The Experiential Foundation of Primal Religions
3. Meet the Traditional African Religions
4. Africa's Forgotten Christian Heritage
5. The essence of yogic religions
6. The Buddhist Path
7. The nothingness of Buddhism
8. The Baffling Complexity of Hinduism
9. The Enigma of Hinduism
10. The Abrahamic Tradition
11. The particularities of Judaism
12. Christians and Jews after the Holocaust
13. The Mission of Islam
14. Responding to Islam


Original title : Encountering World Religions
Author : Irving Hexham
Publisher : Impact Académia
Publication : April 2021
ISBN : 978-2-924743-20-1
Pages : 255
Format : eBook

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