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The Disciple’s Manual (ABC du disciple)

William MacDonald
by Impact
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- How to be like Christ?
- What is "being filled with the Spirit"?
- How do we stay pure?
- What is consecration?
- How do I become a true worshiper?
These and other questions are answered by the author and his contributors in this book, showing in turn the requirements for bearing fruit and the characteristics of true discipleship.
A book full of practical advice, useful for young and old, for every Christian ready to let himself be transformed, to follow the Master, and to serve him.
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William MacDonald (1917-2007) was president of Emmaus Bible College in Dubuque, Iowa, USA. He traveled extensively, taught and counseled many teenagers and adults. He is the author of several books, including The True Disciple and The Disciple's Commentary on the Whole Bible.
Table of Contents
Preface: We all have a role to play
A word of explanation: On-the-job training
Section I
11. Being a Disciple
12. The Revolutionary Teachings of Jesus
13. A radical teaching (part 1)
14. A radical teaching (part 2)
15. A Radical Teaching (Part 3)
16. A secure future
17. Jesus says, "Give up everything."
18. Do not bargain with God
19. Make friends with your money
10. The sin that no one confesses
11. Only the best for God
12. 10/10ths vision
Section II
13. Looking like Jesus
14. Love
15. Compassion
16. Be filled with the Spirit
17. Humility
18. Break me, Lord!
19. Purity
Section III
20. A total consecration
21. An absolute certainty
22. The assurance of salvation
23. Baptism
24. The Lord's Supper
25. Letting God lead you
26. Knowing the Word
27. Study to be approved
28. Pray without ceasing
29. Personal worship
30. Worship
31. Loving the Church of Jesus Christ
32. To have discernment
33. Perseverance
34. A right heart and a pure conscience
35. To seek peace with all
36. The Spirit of Sacrifice
37. The tongue
38. The marriage
39. Parenthood
40. Thoughts of God and thoughts of men
Section IV
41. Spiritual gifts
42. The Spirit of Service
43. The challenge of personal evangelization
44. Preaching the Word
45. Hospitality
46. Living by faith
47. Being zealous for Christ
48. Avoiding publicity
49. Privileges and responsibilities of the local church
50. Church Planting
51. Church growth through evangelism
52. Individual Discipleship
53. The formation of leaders
54. Para-church" works
55. Not aiming for numbers
Section V
56. Final Recommendations
A. Show it, but don't trumpet it!
B. Everyday Evangelism
C. Every day, an opportunity to serve Christ
D. Thinking like God
E. Christian literature, possibilities and limitations
F. Fundamental, important and non-essential questions
Original title: The Disciple's Manual
Author: William MacDonald
Edition: Impact
Release Date: February 2022
ISBN : 978-2-89082-508-6
Pages : 375
Dimensions : 6" x 9"
Format : Paperback
Weight : 502 g
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