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<transcy>Love or die: Christ's Wake-up Call to the Church (eBook) (Aime ou meurs)</transcy>

Alexander Strauch
by Impact
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The first part of this book examines the stern rebuke that Jesus Christ addresses to his Church: “... it may be that a person or a Church teaches sound doctrine, is faithful to the gospel, walk righteously and work zealously, but could still displease Christ because it lacks love. The second part presents practical ways to cultivate LOVE in the local church: Study, Pray, Teach, Serve as an Example, Preserve and Exercise Love. This book includes a study guide that makes it a tool. exceptional for classes and small groups.


For forty years, Alexander Strauch has served God as an elder and teacher at Littleton Bible Chapel in Littleton, Colorado. In addition, he taught New Testament philosophy and literature at Colorado Christian University. A gifted Bible teacher and popular speaker, Alexander Strauch has helped thousands of churches around the world through his Bible commentaries and his preaching ministry. He is the author of over a dozen books, including The Ancients: What Does the Bible Say? which has sold over 250,000 copies. Alexander Strauch's books are translated into over twenty languages. Alexander and his wife, Marilyn, reside in Littleton, Colorado, near their four grown daughters and eight grandchildren.


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“Although concise, this book has profound repercussions. Few of the books I have read recently that have had such an impact in my life and made me think so much. I am convinced that with God's help, what this book has given me will influence the rest of my life. ” - Tim Challies

Table of contents

Part 1
The Problem of Lost Love: Revelation 2.4
1. The Praises and Reproaches of Christ
2. When a Church Loses Its Love
3. Christ's Remedy
Part 2
How to Cultivate Love: Hebrews 10.24
1. Study Love
2. Pray for love
3. Teach Love
4. Set an Example of Love
5. Preserve Love
6. Exercise Love
Part 3
Study Guide
A. Alexander Strauch’s Books About Love
B. Fifty Key Passages About Love
About the Author


Original title : Love or die: Christ's Wake-up Call to the Church
Author : Strauch, Alexander
Publisher : Impact
Publication date : 2010
ISBN (.mobi) : 978-2-89082-177-4
ISBN (.epub) : 978-2-89082-178-1
Pages : 144
Format : eBook

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