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<transcy>The Great Commission (Allez par tout le monde... La grande mission de l'Église) </transcy>

Omri Jenkins
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The Lord Jesus had completed his perfect work of redemption and was about to return to the heavenly glory from which he had come. It now remained to carry and proclaim to the world the good news of this wonderful salvation, the gospel of God.

But who is this mission for? What authority does it accompany? What is the duration, extent, nature? Is this some sort of general official divine stamp that endorses all evangelistic activity? Can it be adapted to the various changes of modern generations?

What sort of people are these “missionaries” sent by Christ to be? Is there anyone in the Church that it doesn't concern? Is the Church today still and always faithful to the order of Jesus?

These are, among many others, very topical and relevant questions to which the author answers with the warmth of long experience and the weight of the Bible. This book is a challenge to God's people to invite them to listen and act once again in these days to the last words of Christ before His ascension.


Omri Jenkins : he was pastor in South Wales before joining the European Mission of Evangelization, of which he was for 36 years the general secretary and director, until his retirement. He continues to serve as a consultant to the Mission today, and preaches in many parts of Europe.


Original title : The Great Commission
Author : Omri Jenkins
Publisher : Europresse
Pages : 192
Publication : 1998
Dimensions : 5.43 "x 8.5"
ISBN : 978-2-906287-83-9
Format : paperback
Weight : 248 g

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