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<transcy>André Adoul (eBook)</transcy>

Frédéric Travier
by Impact
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"Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men" (Mk 1:17).

In this book, beyond the various testimonies, anecdotes and experiences lived by this fiery evangelist, you will discover the man above all, whose life was a true open letter towards heaven.

The example of his selflessness, despite doubts and discouragement, will bring you a refreshed vision of your trust in God, and will be a powerful encouragement to become, in your turn, a faithful witness of Jesus Christ.


Frédéric Travier is Cévenol, originally from Saint-Jean-du-Gard. Remarried, after losing his first wife in 2002, and father of 4 children, he has been in full-time service in the work of God since 1988. After studying theology at the Emmaus Biblical and Missionary Institute (CH), and exercised a pastoral charge for 12 years, he is currently an itinerant pastor-evangelist in the service of the French-speaking churches. He is a recognized preacher and teacher of the Word in all evangelical circles.

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"When we know that André Adoul and Frédéric Travier were closely linked, a bit like Paul and Timothée, we will not be surprised, and we will even appreciate that the book is not completely objective. But, that does not mean that Frédéric Travier wrote a complacent biography. On the contrary, we discover André Adoul, impressive with conviction, zeal and erudition, but also prone to hesitation, sometimes on the verge of depression and discouragement. In short, we have here an authentic biography. » - Extract from the Preface by Daniel Poujol

Table of contents

1. Tribute
2. The early years
3. Listening to God
4. Faith in Action
5. You crucified him!
6. Paris, here we are!
7. Overwork and exhaustion!
8. A flower for logo
9. Change in continuity
10. A feather within everyone's reach
11. The Basics
12. The last years
Some chronological references


Author : Frédéric Travier
Publisher : Impact
Publication : 2011
ISBN (.mobi) : 978-2-89082-197-2
ISBN (.epub) : 978-2-89082-198-9
Pages : 180
Dimensions : 5.4 "x 8.3"
Format : eBook

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Other available format: paperback