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<transcy>In the beginning ... GOD? (Au commencement...DIEU?)</transcy>

Henry Bryant
by CLÉ
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The complexity of our universe defies the imagination. Our world demands a careful arrangement of millions of parameters. The origin of life therefore becomes the greatest enigma we have to solve. However, the set of options is limited. Either life appeared by chance to slowly evolve into the current structure, or it is the work of a Creator.

This book is a plea for the second answer. He first examines how the universe bears the imprints of its Author. Then, the speech turns to the implications of the words of the Bible: "In the beginning, God ... "

While keeping a rational mind, this book is for anyone wondering if God exists. It will also be of interest to those who are troubled by the statements of some scholars claiming that modern science has made the notion of a Creator God obsolete.

Table of contents

- Introduction
- Evolution: what are we talking about?
- Affirmations and Information

  1. Life from the non-living
  2. Homology
  3. Fossils

- The two models of our origins
- In the beginning, God - biblical statements
- Salvation by faith  - An invitation
- Bibliography


Author: Henry BRYANT
Illustrated by: Jean-Marc KHAYAT
Publisher : Éditions Key
Publication: 05/15/1996
Pages : 94
Format: 14x21x0.6 cm. Paperback
ISBN : 2-906090-31-X