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<transcy>None other (Audiobook) (Aucun autre) </transcy>

John MacArthur
by Impact
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** Audiobook in .mp3 format **

Biblical teachings on the love, holiness, and sovereignty of God generally raise questions about human responsibility, suffering, and the problem of evil. If God is sovereign and carefully controls every detail of our life here on earth, what about human free will? If God is good and almighty, how can we explain the natural disasters, the suffering, and all the atrocities that are happening in the world? The answers to these questions are mostly based on personal assumptions that do not take into account biblical truth in its entirety.

In No Other , Pastor John MacArthur gives us pertinent answers to many questions about the character of God. Through this simple and careful study, he shows us that the best way to deepen our knowledge of the one true God is to immerse ourselves in the scriptures, not in complicated philosophical discourses. God has revealed himself in his Word and there we find everything we need to know him.


“John MacArthur has been explaining and faithfully proclaiming the Word of God for years. In this book, No Other, he exposes the character of God with gentleness, clarity, passion and insistence. In this time of theological confusion, Pastor John MacArthur defends the scriptures and clearly defines the nature of God for the Church and the world. I am grateful to him for his work, and I wholeheartedly recommend this book. It is a gift given to the people of God. " - R. C. Sproul, Founder and President of Ligonier Ministries, Sanford, Florida

“For more than four decades, John MacArthur has faithfully exposed the Word of God and taught Christians to hold in high regard sound doctrine and faithfulness to the Word of God. At the heart of this teaching and preaching ministry is a firm commitment to impart Bible instruction regarding the character of God. This brief biblical and theological work on the attributes of God is rich in theology and devotion. This book is a useful resource for any Christian who seeks to know and love our Triune and Sovereign God, who has revealed himself in the Holy Scriptures. - R. Albert Mohler, Jr., President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Louisville, Kentucky

“In this work the reader is placed before the God of the Bible with kindness and patience, but in a resolute manner. Pastor MacArthur makes no attempt to reconcile the testimony of the Word of God with the differing opinions of fallen man. He only exposes the scriptures to us and expands them without taking anything away from them or adding anything to them. In a time of confusion, the reader will find within the pages of this book a trustworthy treatise on one of the most important and most misunderstood aspects of the nature of God. Do not underestimate this book because of its brevity. It is full of theological truths presented in it clearly and simply. It offers the new believer a valuable introduction to the God of the Holy Scriptures. He reminds the seasoned pastor to embrace God's biblical perspective and proclaim it to his people. " - Paul Washer, director of the HeartCry Missionary Society, Radford, Virginia

Table of contents

1. The God of the Bible is Full of Grace
2. The God of the Bible is Sovereign
3. The God of the Bible is Good and Mighty
4. The God of the Bible is Holy
5. The God of the Bible is Filled with Love
6. The God of the Bible is a Saving God
Index of Biblical References


Original title : None Other
Author : John MacArthur
Publisher : Impact
ISBN : 978-2-89082-463-8
Publication : November 2017
Format : MP3
Duration : 4 hours
Read by : Jean-Pierre Cloutier

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