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<transcy>being parents well (Bien être parents)</transcy>

Henry Bryant
by CLÉ
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Is it possible for us parents to raise our children with love and wisdom? But how ?

In a century full of books and tips on how to raise children well, the family has never experienced so many difficulties and disappointments. So who to listen to? There is a unique book and source of principles that have been proven for centuries, and which have enabled parents to help their children become worthy and fulfilled men and women. This book is the Bible. This book helps the reader to rediscover the wisdom contained in the Bible, which is still relevant and precious to today's family.

Henry Bryant gives us once again a lucid and wise treatise, this time giving us a biblical perspective on how to love and raise children. His wife Alice accompanied him in the writing, and his daughter Laura made illustrations full of tenderness and humor as the subject invites her to. This book, a real guide for young parents, is for yourself to read and to offer to any new family.

''being parents well" answers questions such as:

  • What is the secret of my child's development?
  • How should I discipline my child?
  • What is my role as a parent in terms of the values ​​that I have to pass?
  • What example should I give?
  • How should I react to my failures as a parent? ...

To simplify the application of the principles set out in each chapter, practical suggestions are presented.

Table of contents

- Introduction
- Children: a blessing
- Values ​​
- Respect
- Recognition
- Encouragement: the secret of self-fulfillment
- The parent: a specialized educator
- The power of example
- The place of teaching
- The problem of discipline
- The importance of learning
- In case of failure
- Back to basics

Author: Henry Bryant
Illustrated by: Laura Bryant (daughter of Henry and Alice Bryant)
Release: 2005
Pages : 94
Format: 14 x 21 cm
ISBN (Gencod): 2-906090-66-2
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