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<transcy>This changes everything ! (Ça change tout !)</transcy>

Jaquelle Crowe
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The Gospel that transforms your youth

My name is Jaquelle and I am 19 years old.

I love movies, sushi, and dark chocolate. But the most important, the most significant, the most essential thing to know about me is that my purpose in life is to follow Jesus. He is the one who transformed my life. And that's what I'm talking about in my book.

This book is for teens and youth who want to live a life that's worth it. We have been nourished with all the bases of the faith but we want to go further now that we are able to digest stronger food. We want to fully understand what it means to follow Jesus.

This book will help you see that the gospel changes everything: our relationships, our management of time, money, our habits and more. He transforms us and sets us free to live in joyful obedience for the glory of God, even in our youth.

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“This book is just awesome! Jaquelle writes in a very personal way and has this ability to make you think beyond what you would like. I myself am a young Christian and this book has touched me deeply. He gave me a deeper thirst to know Christ, as well as some very practical ideas for living more like him. Jaquelle is excellent from start to finish and uses the Bible as the basis for all his thinking. »
- Emma 17 years old

"The teenage years are a troubling time in our culture where we are influenced from all sides. It’s so easy to let it all go if we don’t know why and how to live as a Christian. With lots of illustrations from everyday life, It changes everything! makes it clear to us why the gospel is so important, and this book challenges us to live for the glory of God. »
- Olivia, 13 years old

“I am so glad to see that a young Christian woman has written such a gospel-centered book, drawing inspiration from many serious Christians. Jaquelle Crowe shows how, as young people, we can live a life that glorifies God in all areas. This book is full of practical advice, quite short and accessible to all! »
- Laurent Dang-Vû, editor of La Rébellution

"Before we want to impact the world, we need to be changed by grace. In It Changes Everything !, Jaquelle Crowe explains how the gospel transforms our youth and gives us a solid foundation to live it in a way that truly matters. With this Gospel as a motor, we can then live with zeal and passion, for the glory of God. "
- Benjamin Eggen, coordinator of La Rébellution and student at the Belgian Biblical Institute

“What a joy to see an 18-year-old Christian woman writing with such maturity! Jaquelle Crowe shows us what impact the gospel has in all areas of life. She alternates relevant examples and poignant testimonies to obtain an accessible and impactful book. This book makes you want to grow with God and offers concrete ways to get there, with revolutionary ideas and new tips. Read as soon as possible! "
- Nicolas Blocher, member of the Gospel 21 committee

"Paul correctly wrote: 'It is no longer I who live, it is Christ who lives in me" (Galatians 2:20). The gospel disturbs all generations and all ages because it displaces man from the center of his universe by insisting that only God can occupy this place. With relevance and without concessions, Jaquelle demonstrates that the gospel touches all areas of the lives of young people. Pastors, open your eyes for you have in your Churches a layer of the population that asks only to be taken seriously and who expects you to trust them by challenging them accordingly! "
- Mike Evans, President of Gospel 21

“Challenging and motivating! Here is a young Christian woman who understands and lives what she believes. Through this book, meet a young woman passionate about Jesus and determined to live an ambitious Christian life. Rich in practical biblical theology centered on the gospel, this book demonstrates the importance of thinking righteously in order to live righteously. With the love of Christ and the gospel as our only resource, the author invites us with great authenticity, to leave the status quo to live a decidedly ambitious life with Jesus. A real call for every young Christian to become actively involved in the search for a fruitful life through the presence of Christ in him. May our churches be filled with young people responding positively to this call. »
- Samuel Boukorras, national director of the youth center of CAEF (Evangelical communities and assemblies of France)

"Jaquelle's zeal for the gospel is contagious. This book, pleasant to read and very practical, is a source of individual transformation for the good of all. I pray that many teens and young people will grab this book and read it. »
- Gloria Furman, blogger and co-author of Women's Ministry centered on the Word

“Jaquelle is a young person who writes for young people. She does this with talent and passion, while remaining firmly anchored in the scriptures. I could list the many strengths of his book, but I will say this instead: I would have a great pleasure to offer this book to my children because I have the certainty that it will be for each of them a real blessing. »
- Tim Challies, blogger and author of Do more. Better. and Visual theology

“In a culture where many young people feel their due and struggle in the swamps of victimization, young Jaquelle Crowe calls on her peers to embrace true Christian discipline. His desire for them: in response to the gospel of grace, to choose to perform difficult tasks, to take the road of discipline, and to live a life of obedience and service to Christ. That she and all the other young visionaries - we find more and more! - follow this path to the end, powerfully strengthened by transforming grace. »
- Don Carson, professor-researcher specializing in the New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

“Jaquelle Crowe is a remarkable author, and not just for teens and young people, but for everyone. Writing takes real effort, just like following Jesus. And in this book, Jaquelle did a great job. I enjoyed reading it: it is centered on the Word, stimulating and full of freshness. It reveals what her heart thrills for, her theology is solid, and what she says about the Church desperately needs to be heard. I warmly recommend this book. »
- Randy Alcorn, author of Treasure Principle and Choice of Purity, director of Eternal Perspective Ministries

Table of contents


1. Our identity
2. Our story
3. Our community
4. Our sin
5. Our disciplines
6. Our growth
7. Our time
8. Our relations

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Original title : This changes everything
Author : Jaquelle Crowe

Publisher: Cruciforme
ISBN : 978-2-924595-42-8
Publication : April 2018
Pages : 174
Dimensions : 13 x 21 cm
Format : paperback
Weight : 196 g

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