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Plugged in (Chrétien dans la culture d'aujourd'hui)

Daniel Strange
by CLÉ
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How can we connect our faith with what we watch, read... in our daily lives in order to transform the way we share the Gospel?
"Many books today tell us how to adapt our presentation of the Gospel to the needs and questions of our contemporaries in a materialistic and pluralistic society. And many others urge us to live faithfully in our post-Christian Western culture, without living in retreat and without dissolving into it. But in this book, Dan explains and shows us how to do so."
- Timothy Keller, from the preface.
How do we talk to our friends about Jesus when all they really care about is the latest soccer game or their latest TV show? What is the connection between what we watch on Saturday night and what we hear in church on Sunday morning? How can we be intentional about the movies we watch?
Daniel Strange encourages us as Christians to think positively about our interactions with the surrounding culture. He provides a biblical framework and a practical method to inform our Christian cultural reflection and analysis. In this way, the culture we "consume" can not only nourish our faith, but also serve as a springboard for connecting the Gospel to our cultural context.
This book will help you to:
Understand the role and place of culture in your life.
Critically analyze your culture.
Witness to your faith in a way that is sensitive to the culture in which non-believers live.
Transform the way you present the Gospel.
Choose the cultural products you want to consume (movies, etc).
Book Highlights:
Author who specializes in issues related to culture and theology.
A method to share your faith with relevance in a post-modern society.
A method that is well described and amply illustrated with detailed examples.
Any Christian who wants to witness to his or her faith while being connected to the world around them.
Church leaders and Christians.
Anyone interested in the link between culture and Christian faith.
Daniel Strange is director of Crosslands Forum, a center for cultural engagement and mission innovation. Previously he was Director at Oak Hill Theological University in London, where he taught culture, religion and theology. He is the author of several books including Their Rock is Not Like Our Rock, Possibility of Salvation Amongst the Unevangelised, and co-author of Only One Way?, Engaging with Barth, Keeping Your Balance, Getting Your Bearing and Encountering God's Word.
He and his wife Elly have seven children. In addition to his church responsibilities, Daniel is a fan of jazz music and West Ham United Football Club.
Table of Contents
1. What culture is (and why you should care)
2. The history of culture
3. Culture as history
4. "Can I look at...?"
5. Confronting and connecting: theory
6. Confronting and connecting: the practice
7. Over to you: cultural discipleship
Here is what I have prepared for you...
Adult coloring books
Bird watching
Zombies: "That's us!"
Japanese household toilets
Original title: Plugged In
Author: Daniel Strange
Publisher : Éditions Clé
Publication date: February 2022
ISBN : 978-2-35843-152-1
Pages : 204
Dimensions : 14x21 cm
Format : Paperback
Weight : 238 g

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