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<transcy> Think Before You Look: 40 Powerful Reasons to Avoid Pornography (CLIC CLIC CLIXXX : Le prix d'un regard) </transcy>

Daniel Henderson
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40 powerful reasons to beat pornography

Millions of men, young and old, get caught up in pornography. Most are naïve and have no idea what to expect when they begin on this attractive, yet deadly path. The best way to help the men in this fight is to provide them with strong preventive resources.

Clic, Clic, Clixxx offers a practical approach that aims to escape the temptations of pornography before it's too late. The author draws on his personal experience working with thousands of men and counseling many with problems related to the pornography industry.

In each of the short chapters, he explains the concrete logic and biblical foundation demonstrating the importance of avoiding the grip of pornography. The chapters are succinct and sometimes contain a touch of humor, but are nonetheless filled with solid biblical weapons for combat.

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Daniel Henderson

Pastor for over 25 years, Daniel Henderson has brought prayer-based renewal to many large churches and now devotes most of his energy to helping congregations across the United States experience renewal and transformation.


"We all know how strong lust is. But with God's help it is a temptation that any man can overcome. This book will help you use its power to lead a pure life. »
- Shaun Alexander, NFL center back for Seattle Seahawks

“The attacks of pornography on our culture are increasing every day. This book, which I highly recommend, will provide you with courage and biblical conviction. »
- Luis Palau, international evangelist

“Pornography is a fight any man can win. Click, click, clixxx presents 40 practical strategies for a winning game plan. »
- Patrick Ramsey, quarterback for the Washington Redskins

"Click, click, clixxx offers a new approach to this age-old problem. I hope all pastors will distribute this book to men in their Church. The principles it contains will have a positive long-term influence. »
- Jerry Falwell, Chancellor of Liberty University

“This simple and concise book hits the nail on the head. I do not know of any other on the subject of pornography that is so easy to read, and whose content is so useful and convenient. It is an essential tool! »
- Craig Gross, founder of

"The problem we are discussing is not about to be eradicated. Every man needs a concrete source of power to win the fight on a daily basis. Click, click, clixxx is one of the best resources I know.
- David Jeremiah, Senior Pastor of Shadow Mountain Church in San Diego, California; Chancellor of Christian Heritage College; founder of the Turning Point ministry

"Pornography is a devious, deadly sin that tears the souls of men and young boys apart by taking over their thoughts and actions. It is an epidemic that the Church should not overlook. Daniel Henderson courageously tackles this subject, which most pastors, perhaps feeling themselves to be targeted, do not dare to address. If you or a loved one is looking to break out of pornography slavery, this book is for you and I recommend it. »
- Dr Alan Cureton, President of Northwestern College and Radio

"A read of Click, click, clixxx is a must to see how pornography plagues a man's mind. More than just a problem, this is a mortal combat where the souls of men are at stake. Henderson presents 40 strong reasons that will help men, young and old, achieve victory before loss knocks them down. »
- Dr Elmer Towns, author and educator

“This book will be a great encouragement for men and an essential source of strategies for dealing with sexual sin. »
- Brandon Cotter, Founder and CEO of


Original title : Think Before You Look: 40 Powerful Reasons to Avoid Pornography
Author : Daniel Henderson
Publisher: Cruciforme
ISBN : 978-2-923614-20-5
Publication : 2005
Dimensions : 5.5 "x 8.5"
Pages : 239
Format : paperback