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<transcy>Just Like Jesus (Comme Jésus) </transcy>

Max Lucado
by CLÉ
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God loves you as you are, but he refuses to leave you as you are. He wants you to be ... Like Jesus

Where did we get the idea that we were unable to change? Where do we get explanations such as:

"It's in my nature to worry"
"I'll always be a pessimist, I'm like that. "
" I'm angry, I can't help it. "

These thoughts do not come from God: Our Creator made us in the image of his son. Jesus' heart was peaceful, and above all, his heart was spiritual. There is certainly a world between the heart of Jesus and ours, but he has made our heart his home; and he is ready to transform us in his image. Are we going to accept his offer?

Why read the book?

  • To understand more deeply the character and heart of Jesus;
  • To fight thoughts that hinder your spiritual growth;
  • To deepen and live more forgiveness, honesty, hope, joy, perseverance, praise…
  • To enable you to take extra steps towards being like Jesus.

Highlights of the book

  • Written by a Christian author renowned for his accessible and pastoral books.
  • Filled with great anecdotes and stories, often funny and always deep.
  • Contains a deepening guide at the end of each chapter to better understand the principles and better apply them in your personal life. It can be used to study the book in groups.


  • Any believer who seeks to better understand the character of Jesus.
  • Any believer who wants to face his old attitudes or habits of life.
  • Any believer who wishes to renew their faith by imitating the character of Jesus.
Table of contents

Dear friend
1. A Heart Like His
2. Loving What You Cannot Avoid- A Forgiving Heart
3. The Hand of God - A Heart Full of Compassion
4. Hearing God's Music - A Listening Heart
5. Guided by an Invisible Hand - A Heart Intoxicated by God
6. The Transformed Face and the Pair of Wings - A Heart Thirsting for Praise
7. Golf and celery - A heart that stays the course
8. Nothing But The Truth - An Honest Heart
9. The Spirit's Talon - A Pure Heart
10. Gold in the Garbage - A Heart of Hope
11. Celebrating Heaven - A Joyful Heart
12. Finishing in style - A tough heart

Author: Max Lucado
Publisher:  Clé 
Publication: December 2009
Pages : 285
Dimensions: 14 x 21 cm
Format : paperback
ISBN: 978- 2-35843-002-9