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As the father sent me (Comme le père m'a envoyé)

Michel Varton
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In Transylvania, Trajan, recently released from prison, is no longer allowed to meet Christians, but he has not said his last word. In communist Romania, the smuggling of Bibles is organized. In Syria, Mehdi Dibaj is threatened with death, but the French media miraculously picks up on the case.

Sri Lanka, Iraq, Ukraine, Kenya… Upon entering Open Doors, did Michel Varton suspect that he would lead a cult in a prison in Khartoum, or be taken blindfolded to a dangerous Colombian guerrilla?

The author thought he was "helping" the persecuted Church, he returned exhorted and passed on the message she gave him. Here or there we follow the same Jesus ... Are we ready to pay the price? Do we cherish every page of the word of God? Do we move mountains in prayer? What role does suffering play? What are the martyrs for? What are the devil's tactics to divide us?

A thrilling story, embellished with a surprising rereading of the Gospels: you will dive behind the scenes of the very first persecuted Church and understand better why Jesus sends us into the world, “as the Father sent me”!

Strengths of As the father sent me :

- A startling look at the persecuted Church: a reality that touches 200 million Christians across more than 70 countries around the world.
- The author has served Open House for 36 years, much of which as director.
- Twelve chapters, as many captivating stories, drawn from his own experience in the field.
- He urges us to become more united with Christians persecuted for their faith, but also to understand how we too, need them.


Michel Varton has managed Open Doors France for 36 years. He visited and served the persecuted Church in over 30 countries. He defends the case of Christians persecuted for ten years on the political scene - in Paris, in the European Community as well as in several European capitals. Married to Cecilia, they have two children.

Table of contents


1. We are the leaven of God for his Church
2. The first fight: for the truth
3. The book of God, our most precious possession
4. Praying: God's lever to move mountains
5. Suffering: Precious in the Sight of the Lord
6. The Drivers of Persecution: The Three Courts Judging the Church
7. The great dilemma: to stay with Jesus and be persecuted, or to flee?
8. Oil, to keep the wick alight
9. Revolutionaries for Jesus: The Story of Two Kingdoms
10. Love Your Enemies: The Weapon of the Persecuted Church
11. The Persecution: The Pains of Childbirth
12. As the Father sent me


Open House: a mission "at the service of persecuted Christians"


Author : Michel Varton
Publisher : BLF Éditions / Open Doors
Publication : October 2019
Pages : 247
ISBN : 978-2-36249-536-6
Dimensions : 15 x 22.5 cm
Format : paperback
Weight : 352 g