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How to read the bible (Comment lire la bible)

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This book would like to be a guide to lead in their meditation and their personal study those who are determined to perceive the voice of God in his Word. It offers practical advice and concrete suggestions for those new to Scripture and those who have read it for years.

You will learn how to ponder different passages of Scripture (one chapter). of the Gospels, Epistles, a Difficult Passage, a Psalm and a Chapter from the Old Testament).

You will also find advice for a more in-depth study of known or lesser-known texts (a biblical account, a speech, a parable, an episode from the Old Testament, a verse from the prophetic books, historical books, proverbs, a chapter of the Law, a prophetic book, a biography, a poetic book ...)

Author : Kuen, Alfred
Publisher : BLF
ISBN : 978-2-910246-54-9
Publication : 2000
Pages : 140
Dimensions : 13 x 21 cm
Weight : 164 g
Format : paperback

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