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<transcy>Knowing Christ (eBook) (Connaître Christ) </transcy>

Mark Jones
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The Puritans loved the Bible and they enjoyed looking into it. They also loved the Lord Jesus, who is, of course, the central figure in the Bible. They meditated on him, focused their thoughts on him, and carefully studied all that the scriptures could say about him. They exalted him constantly and consciously in their preaching, their praises and their prayers. Mark Jones, a recognized scholar of Puritan thought, also shares this love for Christ and the Word of God. In this book, he introduces the person and glory of our Savior based on deep and life-giving Bible truths. Here is a book that will enrich our souls in the XXI th century and that will lead us in worship.


MARK JONES (Ph.D., Leiden University) is pastor of Faith Vancouver Presbyterian Church (PCA) in British Columbia, Canada. He is also a research associate at the Free State University in South Africa. He has written several books and lectured extensively around the world. He is particularly interested in subjects concerning Christology and the Christian life.

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“This book is a real gem. Unveiling his pastoral heart, Mark Jones presents to us all the depth and richness of knowing Christ, urging us to deepen and increase our love for our Savior. »
- Rosaria Butterfield

Table of contents

1. The Declaration of Christ
2. The Dignity of Christ
3. The Covenant of Christ
4. The Incarnation of Christ
5. The Divinity of Christ
6. The Humanity of Christ
7. The Companion of Christ
8. The Faith of Christ
9. The Emotions of Christ
10. The Growth of Christ
11. The Reading of Christ
12. The prayers of Christ
13. The Impeccability of Christ
14. The Temptations of Christ
15. The Humiliation of Christ
16. The Transfiguration of Christ
17. The Miracles of Christ
18. The Words of Christ
19. The Death of Christ
20. The Resurrection of Christ
21. The Exaltation of Christ
22. The Intercession of Christ
23. The People of Christ
24. The Wrath of Christ
25. The Face of Christ
26. Names of Christ
27. The Offices of Christ
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Original title : Knowing Christ
Author : Mark Jones
Publisher : La Rochelle
Publication : March 2018
Pages : 314
: 978-2-924895-11-5
Format : EBook

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