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<transcy>Where Life and Scripture Meet (Contact : entre la Bible et mon histoire) </transcy>

Michael R. Emlet
by Impact
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When those around you face problems, you want to offer them real hope and help from the Word, rather than easy answers that have turned into religious platitudes.

Contact is an easy-to-read and relevant guide that teaches us how to interweave the fabric of Scripture and our own personal history.

The author applies the biblical text to all dimensions of life and he does it very seriously. He combines the best methods of Bible study with theology and Bible counseling, to help people in pain allow themselves to be radically transformed by Jesus. This book is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in knowing how to navigate the often murky waters of personal experience. It will be perfect for any believer and anyone in ministry.

If you aspire to apply the Bible to your life or to help others develop such a desire, then you will be in for a treat!

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It is quite simply the best book I have ever read on the nature and function of the Bible. It beautifully describes the overall narrative of the Bible and insists that the "pieces" of the Bible fit into the context of this vast picture. He applies the same principle in a remarkable way to people's experiences. It is fascinating by the number of concrete examples to illustrate the author's reasoning. But above all, it is striking because, like the Bible, it clearly points to Jesus. Dr. Emlet has written a wonderful book that anyone who wants to understand and apply the Bible MUST read.
- Samuel T. LOGAN, Jr., Doctor of Philosophy, International Director of the Reformed World Alliance, Theologian, Author

. If you want to see how the gospel works in your life, transforming you through the renewal of intelligence (the principle used by Jesus and the apostles to "mend" broken lives), it is by reading this book that you 'we must start. Instead of issuing a prescription to get you back on your feet "in a matter of weeks," Dr. Emlet has written a life-changing book that lasts for life.
- Sinclair B. FERGUSON, doctor of philosophy, senior pastor at First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, South Carolina, theologian, author of The Christian Life .

Depression. Divorced. Death of a loved one. Life can be tough, and "ready-made" Christian answers don't help much. That’s why Mike Emlet wrote this book that prepares you to face the real issues of life with the truth of the Word of God, a practical and transforming truth. If you want to improve your clinical practice and learn how the Bible intimately addresses the daily struggles of your patients, don't miss this book!
- Dr. Tim CLINTON, President of the American Association of Christian Counselors ; licensed therapist; author of Turn Your Life Around

Contact - Between the Bible and My Story is not a Bible counseling manual with simple "cut and paste." He is much richer than that. Its pages are filled with light and denote a gloriously redemptive interpretation of Scripture and a deep knowledge of the condition and needs of the human heart. I highly recommend it.
- Elyse FITZPATRICK, Counselor, Bible Counseling and Discipleship Training Institute; author of Women Helping Women

The Word exercises its ministry somewhere between the snippet of a convincing text and the broad generalities of redemptive history. The person of God, his promises, his designs, his actions and his commandments are set ablaze in the struggle which the individual warrants against his personal sins and in the struggles which he leads in his adverse situations. Mike Emlet searches for places where truth ignites and investigates ways to bring Christ into hearts and conversations.
- David POWLISON, PhD, Faculty and CCEF advisor; author of Towards a renewed helping relationship and Speaking the truth with love
Table of contents
1. Linking the Bible to Life
2. What the Bible is above all not
3. What the Bible is
4. Implications for Reading and Using the Bible
5. What is your story?
6. Connecting the Stories
7. A closer look at the model
8. Presentation of Tom and Nathalie
9. Tom, Nathalie, and the Old Testament
10. Tom, Nathalie, and the New Testament
11. Niagara Falls or a Glass of Cool Water in the Name of Jesus? Appendix 1: Summary of Helpful Questions
Appendix 2: Recommended Resources
Index of Biblical References
Original title : Crosstalk - Where Life and Scripture Meet
Author : Michael R. Emlet
Publisher : Impact
Publication : 2012
ISBN : 978-2-89082-166-8
Dimensions : 5, 5 x 8.5 in.
Pages : 259
Format : paperback
Weight : 324 g