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<transcy>Side by Side (Study Guide) (Côte à côte) </transcy>

Edward T. Welch
by Impact
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About the book

We were not created to overcome life's trials on our own. God gave us his Spirit and our brothers and sisters to help us. However, we are often afraid to interfere in other people's problems. We feel incompetent and we prefer to leave this to experts, professionals and specialists. However, the help that can be given by friends is invaluable and should not be overlooked. God is pleased to see us grow and transform through the help of ordinary individuals who have been transformed by Christ and who are filled with the power of the Spirit.

In this book, Ed Welch presents us with a method of accompaniment relevant to walk with others through difficult times. He shows us how to be good Christian friends who learn to share their burdens and carry those of others.

* This free study guide in PDF format will help you explore the subject in depth in groups or on your own. Easy to print, use it to liven up your discussions.