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Safe in the Arms of God (Dans les bras de Dieu) 

by Impact
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How to keep hope after losing your child 

The death of a child is the most devastating experience a parent can have. It is also a complicated experience for his friends and relatives who are Christians. However, God does not leave you in mourning. In this book, John MacArthur highlights the multiple biblical passages alluding to God's unwavering love for children and his assurance of their eternal security. Using many real-life examples, this renowned teacher unveils a biblical perspective on troubling questions such as:

- Why did our child have to die?
- Shall we meet again our child someday?
- How to overcome such overwhelming sadness?
- What is the age to be held accountable?
- Do babies pay for the sins of their parents?
- Can very young children and even unborn children experience salvation?

Throughout this book, Pastor MacArthur convincingly states the following expectation: The Father derives great joy from his younger children and shows compassion for them. On this subject, he writes: “Every conceived child is a person whom God created, whom God loves and to whom God has given a purpose and a destiny. Therefore, God surrounds each child with his love, from the first moment of life until the last.

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"In the arms of God reveals that heaven's assurance for the child you love rests on much more than mere sentimentality; it is revealed in the Word of God and reflects the very heart of God. »
- NANCY GUTHRIE, author of Holding On to Hope

Table of contents

1. Where is my child?
2. What can be said with certainty to those with empty arms?
3. How Does God View Children?
4. What if my child is not one of the elect?
5. Will I Ever See My Child?
6. What is my child's life like in heaven?
7. Why did my child have to die?
8. How Will We Help Those Who Grieve?
9. Let Me Pray With You
About the Author


Original title : Safe in the Arms of God
Author : John MacArthur
Publisher : Impact
Publication : 2008
ISBN : 978-2-89082-115-6
Pages : 201
Dimensions : 5 "x 7"
Format : paperback
Weight : 184 g

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Deuil et Espérance

Toutes les personnes touchées par le deuil périnatal ou la mort d'un jeune enfant devraient lire ce livre! Il apporte des réponses et du réconfort. On peut aussi y trouver la paix en trouvant comment avoir la certitude d'une éternité au paradis avec nos trésors partit avant nous et le courage de continuer à vivre la vie qui nous est offerte...