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<transcy>The farewell discourse and final prayer of Jesus (Dans l'Intimité de Jésus) </transcy>

D. A. Carson
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Look at John 14 to 17

The atmosphere is charged and emotions run high in the upper chamber. Jesus spends one last evening with his disciples; it is the Passover; it was the day before he died. He knows where he is going and he realizes that he will soon be separated from them. That’s why he is so keen to surround them with all the love of his heart to prepare them for what has been going on for all eternity.

Like us, these early disciples often struggled to understand all the ups and downs of the situation. Jesus is very gentle and patient with them. He is truly the good Shepherd, the Servant who stoops to wash the feet of his own.

"Let not your heart be troubled ... I no longer call you servants ... but I have called you friends ... I am going to prepare a place for you ..."

In these poignant chapters, the heart of Christ is revealed and unites with those close to him. It is also for the benefit of "those who will believe by their testimony."

What is the rich relationship between Christ and the believer? What is the role of the Holy Spirit, the Comforter? What is the Christian's mission in this world? ... For the greater good of his reader, the author explains and applies the words of this wonderful "farewell speech" and of this great "priestly" prayer.


Don Carson - Don Carson - Of Canadian origin, he received a doctorate in New Testament studies from the University of Cambridge, Great Britain. He is a professor of New Testament research at a renowned Theological Institute in Deerfield, USA. He is considered one of the very first theologians today. President of The Gospel Coalition (Gospel 21), he takes part in conferences around the world and is the author of numerous theological books and articles.

Table of contents

Prologue John 13
1. Entering into a Triumphant Faith John 14: 1-14
2. The Coming of the Spirit of Truth John 14: 15-24
3. Three clarifications John 14: 25-31
4. Spiritual intimacy with Jesus Christ John 15: 1-16
5. Evaluating the Cost John 15: 17-16: 4
6. Two special ministries of the Spirit John 16: 5-15
7. First, the cross John 16: 16-33
8. Jesus prays for himself and for his disciples John 17: 1-19
9. Jesus prays for all believers and for the world John 17: 20-26


Original title : The farewell discourse and final prayer of Jesus
Author : Donald Carson
Editor : Europresse
Pages : 256
Weight : 330 g
Release : 2002
Dimensions : 13.5 x 21.5 cm < br> ISBN : 9782914562041
Format : paperback

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